South African Bowler, Francois Louw, Won QubicaAMF World Cup 2019

South African men’s bowler, Francois Louw, and Australian women’s bowler, Rebecca Whiting, won the 55th QubicaAMF World Cup 2019 Palembang, Indonesia on Saturday after eliminating representatives from 76 participating countries.

Francois Louw, who during the qualifying round continued to lead the standings, won the championship after frustrating Indonesian host Ryan Leonard Lalisang in the final round with a score of 237 – 202. He recorded a total of 8,715 points.

“I have participated in the QubicaAMF World Cup four times and today is my best achievement with a title for the first time,” said Francois Louw after receiving the championship trophy at the Jakabaring Venue in Palembang.

Although he appeared to be going smoothly and leading the standings during the qualifying round, but he began to be depressed when diving round of eight because of the thinning of the distance points, in the end he was lucky to be ranked fourth with 8805 points, eight points adrift of the bottom of the host.

In the last four Louw had to face German player Oliver Morig and he managed to collect 262 points in 10 throws when Oliver could only collect 196 points.

During the final round, Francois had to face Ryan Leonard who appeared with the host’s full support. However, he did not seem overwhelmed by it and was able to control his composure, his expression tended to be flat as Ryan constantly wiped the pin which kept the point distance running low.

Only in the last throw he could raise both hands after ensuring himself frustrate Ryan with a score of 237 – 202 with a distance of points 8,715 – 8,638.

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“I throw as perfect as possible even though it is actually not easy because behind me gathered supporters of Ryan,” said Francois, he became the second South African player who won the QubicaAMF Wolrd Cup after Anne Jobs won the title in the 1994 title in the women’s sector.

Meanwhile Australian player Rebecca Whiting also won the title after frustrating the twice-winning Dominican Republic player QubicaAMF (2010/2011), Aumi Guerra with a score of 172 – 162.

Rebecca passed the round of 24 with a not so good position. He only ranked ninth with 4,752 points, but Rebecca was able to advance to the last eight thanks to the acquisition of 6,495 points in fourth position trailing USA player Kenny Kulick, who from the beginning led the standings.

Australian women’s bowling athlete, Rebecca Whiting received the trophy after the Qubica AMF Bowling World Cup 2019 final at the Jakabaring Sport City Venue Bowling Palembang, South Sumatra, Saturday (11/23/2019). Rebecca defeated the Dominican Republic bowling athlete Aumi Guerra with a score of 172-162.

Rebecca Whiting broke into the last four thanks to a collection of 8,295 points and was in third place which made her have to face Malaysian midfielder Natasha Roslan in the semifinals.

His chances of becoming champions were wide open after defeating Natasha Roslan with a score of 199 -176. While Kelly Kulick finally had to be eliminated because of narrow defeat by Aumi Guerra 194-179, the defeat made the United States player failed to defend his title.

In the final round, Rebecca had to face Aumi Guerra, both of them showed their best performance despite looking a bit exhausted, but Rebecca was much more calm to lead with a thin score of 172 – 162.

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“This is my first QubicaAMF title for the women’s category and it’s not easy to get it because it is a long tournament,” said Rebecca.

He admitted that he was depressed at the beginning of the qualification, but he quickly evaluated the game’s throw per game so he could collect full points at each qualifying round.

Rebecca has participated in the QubicaAMF World Cup four times since 2016. She became the sixth Australian female player who won the QubicaAMF World Cup after Ann Maree Putney (2007), Amanda Bradlay (1999), Maxine Nabie (1998), Cara Honeycruch (1996) and Jeanette Baker (1982-1983).

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