Playstation 5 vs Xbox Series X Specifications

The year 2020 became a year for two of the top gaming consoles, Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation. Because both of them are launching new devices simultaneously.

The newly introduced Xbox S Series will go on sale in 2020. Likewise the Playstation 5 in the same year.

Yes, we know the two have their respective fan bases. But there is still no mistake in dissecting each of the advantages of the specifications offered.

As summarized summarized from various sources, this specification may change because the news is not yet valid.

The performance

The first thing that every gamer will want to know about gaming consoles is, how it works. Interestingly, these two devices are built with a completely new hardware ecosystem, but it is almost similar.

Sony and Microsoft have chosen to go in for AMD chipsets produced for their next generation of gaming consoles.

The PlayStation 5 will be powered by a third generation Ryzen chipset, which will come with eight cores and will be produced at 7nm with the Zen microarchitecture.

In terms of graphics performance, the PS5 will feature a version of AMD Radeon Navi, which has support for 3D audio and ray tracing.

Microsoft also uses a special combination of AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU cores and GPU Navi based on the Radeon rDNA architecture.


Sony with PS5 that will let users play their PS4 games without any problem. However, it is the only device that has support.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has confirmed that it will allow users to play all games from one of the three generations of Xbox (Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One) that have come before the Xbox Series X.

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Microsoft has also promised that all Xbox One accessories and peripherals will work on Xbox Series X.


Both new consoles will use solid-state drives (SSD). This will bring significant changes in boot speed and running speed of the entire system

Of course there are still many other things that have not been revealed until the time is revealed. Are you still your choice?