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Zozibini Tunzi, Miss Universe 2019 from South Africa

South Africa’s representative, Zozibini Tunzi, won the Miss Universe 2019 title. She was named the Queen of the Universe in the final of the Miss Universe 2019 held at Tyler Perry Studios Atlanta, United States, Monday (9/12/2019).

Zozibini Tunzi’s victory was astounding. Because, unlike other contestants with long hair, the South African representative appeared with a crew cut. He appeared confident with exotic skin and anti-mainstream appearance.

Zozibini Tunzi competed to win the new crown of Miss Universe with two beautiful women from Mexico and Puerto Rico.

In the final speech in the top three round, Zozibini Tunzi called for his opinion on beauty. He called on all parties not only to see the beauty of women only through the physical. According to him, all beautiful women despite having dark skin like him. Because, beauty is actually reflected in the mind.

Smart answers and various other aspects assessed during quarantine led Zozibini Tunzi to win the Miss Universe 2019 title. The second position was occupied by Puerto Rican representative Madison Anderson Berois. While the third champion won Sofia Aragon from Mexico.

This is the third Miss Universe crown won by South Africa representatives after 1978 won by Margaret Gardiner and 2017 by Demi Leigh Neil Peters.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Princess Frederika Alexis Cull successfully scored new history on the Miss Universe stage. He managed to become one of the participants who entered the ranks of the top 10 Miss Universe 2019.

Frederika Alexis Cull’s achievement was Indonesia’s highest achievement during the Miss Universe beauty contest. Frederika Alexis Cull performed energetically at the 2019 Miss Universe grand final.

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Frederika Alexis Cull as one of the youngest contestants managed to penetrate the ranks of the top 20 selected by judges based on the continent. He was one of the five finalists selected in the Asia and Africa category along with representatives of South Africa, Vietnam, Nigeria and Thailand.

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