Folorunso Alakija, Richest Woman Entrepreneur from SA

Folorunso Alakija is one of the inspiring women who has successfully impressed the world public. How not, starting his career as a secretary now he became the 19th richest woman in Africa and the 1941 richest man in the world’s richest. Wealth owned by Folorunsho now reaches Rp. 15.2 trillion. Launch Moneyinc, Okezone has summarized 5 facts about Folorunso Alakija.

1. Has 58 siblings

Folorunsho was born in the largest city in Nigeria, Lagos, Ikorodu on July 15, 1951. Folorunsho’s father, Chief L. A. Ogbara had 8 wives, which made it difficult for Folorunsho to find his position in his family. “Fortunately, throughout his life, all of his children always love each other and deal with each other as best they can,” explained Folorunsho to Vanguard when asked about his late father, as quoted by, Thursday (05/12/2019).

2. Starting a Career as a Secretary

Folorunso began her studies at the Sister School in Our Ladies of Apostles, Lagos, then continued her 4-year study at the Dinorben School for Girls Hafodunos Hall in Llangernyw, Wales. He then returned to the country of birth of Nigeria to complete his secondary education at the Sagamu Muslim High School. After that he went to London to pursue his secretarial education at Pitman’s Central College and his fashion design education at American College and the Central School of Fashion.

3. Rose of Sharon House of Fashion

After choosing to quit his job at the First National Bank of Chicago, Folorunso founded a textile company that was originally called Supreme Stiches. Then in a few years its establishment became the largest textile company in Nigeria after previously experiencing a change in name to Rose of Sharon House of Fashion. This stub made Folorunsho hold the status of a prominent businessman in Nigeria.

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4. Founder of the Christian Alliance and the Rose of Sharon Foundation

Folorunso is a very devout Christian. This belief made her dare to establish Christianity with her husband. This alliance was later given the name Rose of Sharon Glorious Ministry International which is still developing today. The alliance has its own monthly bulletin paper and its own YouTube Channel.

Folorunso also founded a foundation called the Rose of Sharon Foundation. The foundation is active in helping widows, children and orphans with scholarship programs, business opportunities and business assistance programs.

5. Deputy Executive Chair of Famfa Oil

After its name skyrocketed, Folorunso was active in various businesses. His most famous business is Famfa Oil, one of the Crude Oil Exporters owned by a Nigerian. Folorunso serves as the Company’s Executive WaKet which has partners such as Chevron and Petrobas.

6. Author of a Much Respected Book

In his spare time, Folorunso took the time to write several books dominated by topics around faith. Books by Folorunso, among others, see Alone with God, Growing with the Hands that gives the Rose, His Name is …., Scriptures for Husbands, Scriptures for Parents and Scriptures for Wives as some of the key examples. While some other books are more biographical.

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  1. The “author” continually refers to Mrs. Alakija with the term “his”. Suggesting a high degree of incompetence and a lack of any credible research in regurgitating information about Mrs. Alakija.

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