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South Africa Making Giant Parabola Alien Hunters

Thousands of engineers worked hard to build a giant inter-government radio telescope network called the Square Kilometer Array (SKA). This network is so large and aims to detect signals in space.

South Africa, became the latest country to help build this network. Initial construction of a giant radio telescope in the form of a 15 meter wide parabolic antenna was built in South Africa. In total there will be 3,000 points built throughout the African continent.

The main site was built on the ancient seabed in Karoo, South Africa, and consists of 66 reflective triangle panels. This large project is predicted to complete 113 premiere satellite dishes by 2027.

If completed, this telescope will later be used to scan the sky in search of radio signals, including signs of alien life out there billions of light years away.

As quoted from Futurism, the idea of ​​this radio telescope is to simulate thousands of smaller ‘antenna’ networks. This network will eventually reach eight African countries and will also be joined by one million smaller antennas which are planned to be in Australia.

The idea of ​​hunting signals to discover extraterrestrial life began in the early 1990s. In 2011, 13 countries decided to fund the search for alien signals through the SKA project and agreed to share data with each other.

The possibility that there is another life beyond Earth is indeed undeniable. The search continues to be carried out and excavated, including trying to detect signals originating from life out there.

Previously, in September, the Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope, China’s largest telescope, detected more than 100 radio signals originating from a distance of about three billion light years away.

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The mysterious pulse comes from a high-energy source somewhere in the universe. Researchers at the facility monitored it, hoping to get further analysis of what might have happened.

You guys are already excited because they suspect this is a signal from aliens out there, unfortunately the results of the study said the signal is not a form of communication from aliens, but was created due to a kind of phenomenon in space.

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