South Africa: ECOWAS Leaders Conclude meeting in Abuja

The leaders of the West African bloc ECOWAS have concluded a two-day summit in the Nigerian capital Abuja. They complained about the security situation in the area and discussed new solutions.

This is the 56th meeting of ECOWAS leaders to discuss ways of addressing security threats in the region, as explained by President Mohammadu Buhari, adding that terrorism is a major threat to the region, which bringing in the insecurity and stability of the people of this region.

Therefore, steel must be used to overcome it and nothing will be more effective in this work than in uniting our people – Buhari said.

In his address, ECOWAS President and President of the Republic of Niger Mohammadu Yusuf approved the statements made by President Mohammadu Buhari during the meeting.

Jean-Claude Brou, president of the West African Cooperation Organization, also gave the nations courage, saying that despite the threats and insecurity in the region, economic growth is still underway. the region, which averaged 3.3 percent this year, and seven out of the 15 countries in the region had an additional 6 percent economic growth.

But an expert in international security, Kabir Adamu, said that if the region wants to make progress in the fight against terrorism, it should take steps to implement the recommendations of the summit in Ougadougu, Burkina Faso. , which includes strengthening military and co-operation forces, and ensuring cooperation between countries in order to make progress in the fight against terrorists.

Among the leaders attending the meeting were the president of the African Development Bank, Akinwunmi Adeshina, and UN representative Mohammed Ibn Chambas. There are leaders in Niger, Togo, Burkina Faso, Guinea and the Gambia. Other leaders sent their representatives.

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