Namibia: Fishrot Scandal Gives Hage Geingob Sleepless Nights

President Hage Geingob recently held a youth engagement conference to give young people the opportunity to ask questions on issues in the country. At the occasion, Geingob stressed that the scandal involving two of his former ministers has been giving him sleepless nights. He also mentioned giving the accused two options, either to resign or be dismissed.

Geingob: they’re the people where as opposed to just papers videos. I called the top fold a guru sleep that night was enjoyed before it called Statehouse who as I said conservative not a one-man show one-person show modern times processes systems Institute. I call this a serious matter.

And this is not going to be on either who talk to the police to see whether they would like to tell us something. In fact I will tell you a secret. I to let us two letters one was dismissal who should had fire apparent firing, other one who has to accept night somebody comes and I talk they see the point and say we resigned. And I accept that resignation because the process that you an added to suspend a person ought to be in the office to play with the papers or whatever and therefore you must get out of there from the office. Therefore you either suspended or expelled or fire so that they process can start are you telling me those two people are building they are guilty which court found them guilty…

Watch this video for more statement.

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