A Man in South Africa Proposed to His Girlfriend at KFC

South African couple Hector Mkansi and Nonhlanhla Soldaat on December 31, 2019 then held their dream wedding or at the turn of the year. Before the wedding was held, their application video was viral.

As reported previously, Mkansi, 37, proposed to his girlfriend Soldaat, 28, when the two of them were eating together at a KFC restaurant in South Africa. Mkansi’s video applying for his girlfriend at KFC was uploaded by someone to Twitter at the time and was quickly viral.

The video was distributed more than 25 thousand times using the hashtag #KFCProposal, people from various parts of the world, including KFC franchise owners, were very touched by Mkansi and Soldaat’s applications. They also offered help to the couple to realize their dream of marriage.

As a result, KFC in South Africa presents the cost of renting a wedding planner. Whereas Uber and Audi offer free travel prizes for Mkansi and Soldaat honeymoons.

Mkansi and Soldaat met for the first time when the two attended a funeral in 2010. Since then, the two are inseparable.

Both of them have made a sacred promise for life in 2012, but claimed it was not their dream wedding party. Their wedding reception when it was done was very simple traditionally according to their budget. Soldaat doesn’t even like her wedding ring.

Mkansi then bought a new ring and gave it a surprise. The trick, Mkansi applied for Soldaat in their favorite restaurant, namely KFC.

“The work team at the restaurant was surprised by the request of Mkansi who wanted to re-apply Soldaat in a better way. Fortunately, the musicians agreed to help make that happy day a reality. We got the food order we ordered and when we saw the food further, Soldaat found the ring, that’s when I knelt down and proposed,” said Mkansi.

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Without the couple’s knowledge, someone saw the application process and recorded it and uploaded it to Twitter. One of Mkansi’s friends then joked it by saying ‘South African men are so poor they are proposing their girlfriends at KFC’. At that time, Mkansi realized that his application was viral.