South Africa’s Eskom Resumes Power Cuts

The South African state electricity company Eskom is struggling to extend electricity. Until Monday, it will extend power cuts to 5 pm local time.

Reporting from Reuters, the Eskom Party explained on Saturday, he had cut up to 2,000 megawatts (MW) of the national network from 2000 GMT to Sunday. This was done after the failure of the conveyor belt at the Medupi coal-fired power plant.

Eskom has struggled to survive even though electricity demand is declining during the Christmas and New Year holidays. The application of a power outage was last applied in mid-December.

It was in a hurry to bring back some power generation units from the repair and maintenance system. Especially to refill diesel and water levels in the backup generator so that it can meet the demand on Monday when people will return to work.

One third of the 44,000 MW capacity of the Eskom national power plant is now offline last Saturday, due to damage to the plant.

Exom executives have blamed repetitive problems with coal-fired power plants, due to lack of maintenance at the old station.

In addition, this was also due to a lack of large Medupi and Kusile project designs.

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