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West African Food Will Be Trends For 2020

The West African food menu is varied by serving vegetarian intake. The food is now popular in the United States and has been spread throughout Uncle Sam’s country.

As reported by Well and Good, Wednesday (1/15) the West African food menu is predicted to be trends in 2020. There are several reasons that underlie it.

Sweet potatoes, plantains, cassava, peas, tomatoes, okra, lemongrass and rice are staples of West Africa. The food gets extra flavor from various spices including garlic, ginger, nutmeg, stock powder, dried giant prawns to melon seeds.

In addition to being healthy because the basic ingredients come from plants, the West African menu is said to encourage the consumption of healthy foods for body intake. In addition, the food menu is also relatively easy to make.

For example, Jollof Rice. This food is an early West African origin dish for beginners. Besides rice, the recipe needed is chicken or vegetable broth, red pepper and a series of aromatic spices. This food is considered better than white rice or brown rice.

Another with Pinto beans and butternut squash soup. This food utilizes pinto beans and combines many vegetables and other seasonings. Foods packed with high protein.

Likewise with the Spicy peanut soup menu. The menu is curry. The recipe is onion, garlic, chili and ginger cooked before tomatoes, broth with additional peanut butter.

Food can also be combined with collard greens and cooked until soft. This food can also pair it with rice. This menu is considered quite healthy.

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Or the West African chicken stew recipe. Some dishes include chicken for protein, as this recipe shows. Here, it is coated with a decoction made from crushed tomatoes, sunflower seed butter, and warm spices.

Same is the case with West African rice and beans. These foods using rice and beans are a staple food in many cultures. You can probably guess the twist in West Africa: spices and tomatoes. This is a good dish to be made in large quantities and eaten throughout the week.

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