Somalia: 13 people died of starvation in Mogadishu refugee camp

Thirteen people in the refugee camp in Kahda, Mogadishu, Somalia, were reported killed. Some of them are certain to be children.

“Three children died of starvation, while 10 others died due to malnutrition,” wrote a report from Goobjog News, a Somali radio and television station, reported by Anadolu Agency, Wednesday (1/15).

According to the report, people who were still safe in the camp could only eat the leaves in the surrounding trees. There is no sign of assistance being brought in to save them from starvation until now.

Climatic conditions such as drought and flooding, as well as conflict are factors that worsen the conditions of hunger and malnutrition in Somalia. In addition, not a few animals that die and more and more people lack cash.

Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs from the United Nations previously released a report of 4.8 million of the 15.4 million Somalis who were in food insecure conditions. In addition, there are 1.2 million who are in a state of emergency and crisis. Then, one million children are predicted to experience malnutrition, then there are 2.6 million internally displaced people due to various bad conditions.

Somalia is also reported to have faced the worst desert locust outbreak in 25 years. It is predicted that this problem can become more serious, resulting in a high level of food crisis in the African country.

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