Crocodiles Becoming Ancestors in Africa

Crocodiles are one of the predatory animals that are so feared by humans. Its large body, wide mouth cavity with sharp teeth, no wonder the crocodile is known as a very wild animal.

If many people are afraid of crocodiles, but not residents in a small village in Africa, who actually consider crocodiles as their ancestors.

Bazoule Village residents in the country of Burkina Faso are known to be very friendly with crocodiles. I was so close, it was common to see people who were deliberately sitting on a large crocodile body.

A resident of Bazoule village, Perre Kabore said that the existence of crocodiles in their village was something that was sacred.

“We can still get closer to them, touch them, sit on them. There is no problem, crocodiles are sacred and harmless animals,” he was quoted as saying from France 24.

The history of Bazoule Village residents’ familiarity with crocodiles began in the 15th century ago. At that time, the village experienced a drought, but suddenly there was a crocodile that led the villagers to go to a spring pool.

It was the spring pool that was found that ultimately saved the villagers from drought to wear. Therefore, they consider crocodiles to be one of their ancestors today.

In that village, a routine is held every year called Koom Lakre, a celebration where villagers voluntarily feed crocodiles and ask them to answer their prayers such as health, harvests, and prosperity.

“Crocodiles are represented as the souls of our ancestors. If one of them dies, it will be buried like humans,” Kabore said.

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Kabore said, if there are crocodiles who cry, then a sign there will be a disaster that is ready to hit the village. If that happens, then the village elders begin to interpret the crocodile cry and immediately make a request to refuse reinforcements.