Corona Virus and the Human Biological Squalor

Basically, man created God as a perfect creature. That perfection, manifested in the form of reason. Not all beings have it.

Nevertheless, man is not without blemish. It has weak edges. Biological poverty, the world historian, Yuval Noah Harari called it.

There are at least two biological theft that become an ancient threat to the long history of mankind. As outlined in his proposal in the Masterpiecenya, Homo Deus: The Future of mankind, the theft of the famine and the plague of illness.

The Corona Virus that is currently engulfed in China and a number of countries, is nothing but a tangible manifestation of our biological theft. It is vulnerable to epidemic diseases.

History has recorded how man fights from time to time with crippling bacteria and viruses, even eradicating, human species. In 1330, for example, there erupted a tragedy known as the Black Death. The tragedy caused by the bacteria that ride on Yersenia’s head lice, struck east or central Asia, then to Europe, North Africa to the coastal areas of the Atlantic Ocean.

There were 75 million to 200 million people died of the bacteria. The number, equivalent to a quarter of the European and Asian populations at the time. In the UK itself recorded 4 out of 10 people who died from the illness. Britain’s population dropped drastically, from 3.7 million before the outbreak to 2.2 million after.

In 1520, there was a terror explosion returning from a more terrifying new epidemic. Chickenpox alias smallpox his name. An African slave named Fransisco de Egula who was brought by the Spanish army to Mexico who brought his virus.

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Francisco chills to arrive in Cempoallan city. He also died. However, not until ten days, the entire city was infected. Several months later it spread to various parts of Mexico. In fact, the Aztec Emperor, Cuitlahuac, died of measles. He died with 8 million other Mexican residents in the tempo of not more than 10 months.

There is also the “Spanish Flu” that struck the land of the Matador in 1918. Within a few months, about half a billion world population is collapsed by the virus. In India, the virus kills 5 percent of the population (15 million people), in Tahiti there are 14 percent of the population killed, in Samoa even killing 20 percent of its occupants. Around the world, the outbreak killed 50 to 100 million in less than a year. Exceeding the First World War victims that only killed 40 million in more than 4 years.

As the transportation tools become more sophisticated and the mobility of humans is getting faster, the virus outbreak became a terrible added threat in this modern era. However, as the time progresses, human-controlled medical sciences are also increasing.

If we compare the virus handling over time, in the last two decades, it is much more efficient. Comparatively, a falling victim can be minimized. SARS, for example, that struck the world in 2002/2003. At that time, the world panic arose the second Black Death tragedy. However, successfully handled until TAM killed a thousand people.

So did the outbreak of Ebola in 2014 ago. The World Health Authority called the outbreak “the worst public health emergency ever in modern times”. However, at the beginning of 2015, the WHO declared the virus to be tame. In January, 2016 was completed. The Virus, able to be localized only in West Africa alone. The victim was not significant compared to an epidemic in the past.

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From the historical record, we are optimistic to handle this Corona Virus, will take place for a long time. The victim can be minimized. Prevention is also massive.

However, there is one interesting quote from Yufal about this theft of human biological. “Biotechnology allows us to defeat bacteria and viruses, but at the same time transforming humans into a threat of no precedent,” he wrote.

“The same tool that allows physicians to quickly identify and treat new diseases also allows the military and terrorists to engineer more horrible diseases and diseases of doom,” he continued.

“Therefore, it is very likely that a big epidemic will continue to harm people in the future only if humanity itself created it, for the sake of cruel ideology. The Era when man stood helpless before the natural epidemic might have ended. However, we can still be mistaken, “he concluded.

A thing that should be contemplated!