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There are a few names that instantly come to mind when one thinks of online casinos and New Zealand. The topper of that list is Jackpot City Casino as per CasinoReviews.com.

The ultimate in giving its users the best gambling experience, second only to Las Vegas itself. The variety of games available, the enormous bonuses offered and the ease with which the players can browse the entire website is the USP(unique selling point) of Jackpot City Casino. 

Jackpot City Casino debuted in 1998, making it one of the pioneers of the online casino industry in New Zealand. Now, it is one of the most reputable.

No other online casino grips its viewer’s attention quite like Jackpot City Casino. The captivating design and alluring lights of the website create the illusion of being at a casino, rather than being at the comfort of one’s home.

The Jackpot City casino manages to do something even the MGM Grand does not achieve. The wide array of gaming collection that the Jackpot City Casino provides is unbeatable. 

There are hundreds of game titles, delivering a truly unique experience for users of varying preferences.

The homepage of Jackpot City Casino is an on-slaught to the viewer’s senses. It contains all the various bonuses and the entire gaming categories. So, the viewer need not wander aimlessly on the website. Rather, get straight to the best part – gaming and gambling.

Jackpot City Casino offers games from all major categories from slots to roulette and blackjack to poker. As is common with most casinos, slots take up a generous chunk of the gaming category. But, the Jackpot City Casino ensures to present to the players with numerous themes and features. Thus, there are games with bonus features that provide great rewards or progressive jackpots.

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Also, if you require further information, there are other websites available such as Manekinekocasino.com that provide details about Jackpot City Casino.

Jackpot City Game Providers

Microgaming is a developer known to give a stable operating forum. Moreover, Jackpot City Casino uses Microgaming as it is also reputable for providing exclusive gaming titles that are not available elsewhere. 

Nothing stands out in the online gaming business, quite like exclusivity. Microgaming is at the top of its game when it comes to that. Also, there are any number of themes and features offered. Enough to make even the most choosey player content.

There are some players who are very picky. They enjoy pitting their skills against real dealers. For these players, Jackpot City offers live casino games. 

The most cutting edge technology makes possible unlimited and high-quality streaming. This allows the player to be part of first-rate entertainment, from placing bets to interacting with the dealers.

VIP Programs

Naturally, some players spend more time on the floor, so to speak, than other players. This program was created to allow such loyal customers to reap more rewards.

Loyalty points are given for every cash bet. The number of loyalty points received determines the player’s tier. Varying tiers implies rewards distributed according to the number of cash bets placed.

The points received can be reclaimed for cash. On the other hand, there are also a whole bunch of offers that are afforded to the player. Once again, giving the players the maximum choice, not just with games but with the rewards too.

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Mobile Casino

Online casino games played on mobile phones has, inevitably, increased. Jackpot  City Casino ensures that its players have mobile optimised content which in turn makes sure that players have easy access to the casino from any device. 

Payment Method

It is an absolute must at Jackpot City Casino to make the overall experience at the casino fun and easy. Hence, it allows users payment options ranging from credit cards, e-wallets and even using the old-fashioned cheques.

Customer Support

There are two options to get in touch with the team of Jackpot City Casino team, email and live chat. Available 24 hours, the live-chat often resolves issues promptly.

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