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8 Awesome Musicians Who Also Love to Gamble

Gambling is fun and entertaining, especially for those who can afford a bad loss. After earning millions by tirelessly performing, many successful musicians like to unwind by gambling some of the hard-earned cash away. Here the famed musicians who adored gambling.In this article, you will know about 8 Awesome Musicians Who Also Love to Gamble.

Scott Ian

Do you listen to Anthrax daily? It may come to a surprise that Scott Ian, the trash metal band’s rhythm guitarist, is actually an avid gambler. Scott Ian has indicated numerous times that one of his most favorite ways of spending free time is playing poker.

He got into poker very early in his life, and he had to decide whether to go for the music career or professional poker fame. Scott Ian was going from one to another for a long time, but thanks to smartphones and fast internet, he can gamble on the go, in between concerts.

Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight is another legendary musician with a legendary legacy. She is most known for being the lead in Pipe Dream and has won four Grammy awards. What is more, she has participated in a jaw-droppingly impressive number of acts over the years.

Empress of Soul, as named by the public, was a big gambler. She openly admitted to this in her autobiography book. She indicated that, sadly, gambling took over her, becoming her addiction.

Gladys Knight loved baccarat and was an active sport better. However, she could not control herself and lost almost everything. Luckily, she overcame the addiction all on her own after one incredibly horrible and alcohol-fueled night of gambling.

50 Cent

50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson, is another example of a bad gambler. You do not want to follow his example at all. If Gladys Knight almost lost a fortune, 50 Cent actually lost everything at one point in his career and had to file for bankruptcy.

He loved to make casino visits, playing high-stakes games, and sports bets. Sports betting is one of 50 Cent’s most infamous activities. Back in 2012, he bet $500,000 of the New York Giants and won. What is the most logical thing to do when you have won a million dollars? Put it all again on the same team, of course!

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This action was a successful venture for him, too, and he won two million dollars. What was not as exciting and would be much more resembling of his other bets is his $1,000,000 bet on Floyd Mayweather Jr., which he absolutely lost.

Frank Sinatra

After knowing that Frank Sinatra made friends with mob bosses and shady businessmen with some of them being casino owners, would you be surprised that Mr. Sinatra was a passionate gambler? He did not just seldom visit casinos, but he loved the gambling, from craps to roulette and poker.

Frank Sinatra was quite infamous for his character and inability to lose. Whenever Mr. Sinatra was in a losing situation, his powerful voice and mean temper showed through. He was not afraid to shout at casino staff for not giving him a winning hand.

In fact, Frank Sinatra was so bad-tempered that he got into a fight with one of the Las Vegas casino owners. The reason is not known, but the result was quite evident, as Frank Sinatra lost two teeth.

Lemmy Kilmister

Do you think Lemmy Kilmister with Ace of Spades did not correlate gambling and card games in particular? The band leader of Motorhead simply loved gambling, especially when combining it with drinking and intense partying.

According to the New York Times, in a documentary about the Motorhead’s frontman, Lemmy Kilmister’s friends talked about his gambling habits. The friends said a lot of peculiar things, including which clubs Lemmy liked to frequent and which games were his favorite.

Lemmy absolutely loved the slot machines and, reportedly, has sunk quite a lot of his money into them. If he had not so tragically left us without his antics, he would have probably already transferred to online casinos.

Sully Erna

Sully Erna is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for a heavy metal band Godsmack. He is actually a multi-instrumentalist, as this man can play the harmonica, percussion, and piano. Apart from these instruments, Sully Erna also loves playing poker.

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He is actually pretty great at bluffing and outplaying other people, which resulted in his professional poker ambitions. He played in 2006, 2007, and 2013 World Series of Poker, as well as the 2007 VH1 Celebrity Rock and Roll Tournament.

According to Loudwire, the vocalist said that his itch for poker was getting bigger and bigger. So, we might see Sully Erna participating in even more professional tournaments in the coming years.

Dean Martin

Once Frank Sinatra was in the casino, you would probably find Dean Martin behind the table with him. It was no secret that the two singers were great friends, and they loved to gamble in each other’s company.

According to Mike Tan, a partner at Online Casino Gems, it is quite common for celebrities to gamble together. “Famous musicians and celebrities, in general, love to gamble in a good company. It is as if they want to feel on par with the people they are playing against.”

Dean Martin preferred blackjack the most, as in the early days, before he became famous, he worked as a blackjack dealer in an illegal casino. It is the reason he respected the dealer’s work a lot and hated when casino guests lashed out onto them.

Jay Z

Another hip hop and rap giant, Shawn “Jay Z” Carter is a big gambler and not successful at that much. According to Forbes, Jay Z knows how to make money by creating music labels, performing concerts, and establishing clothing brands, but his money-making instincts fail him in casinos constantly.

Reportedly, Jay Z lost up to $500,000 in a single night in one of the Las Vegas Strip casinos. His favorite game is blackjack, but the game does not seem to reciprocate his feeling with big payouts. Well, even his biggest losses will not put a dent in his bank account figure.

Final Thoughts

Musicians, celebrities, and famous people love to gamble and go in in Las Vegas, too. Although bets may be different, the emotion you get is the same, and that’s the most important thing ever.

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