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5 topmost jobs online for students in college

College is getting more and more expensive and a lot of students are turning to part or full-time jobs to survive. Another reason why students get employment while in college is to avoid accumulating large academic debts which can be a huge burden after graduation. Unlike physical jobs, topmost jobs online are more flexible in terms of place and time making them ideal for students, and as an additional help they can ask custom essay uk service to help them too. In this article, you will know about 5 topmost jobs online for students in college.

Why online jobs are fit for college students

Online jobs will allow you to earn extra cash without interrupting your studies. Most online jobs don’t dictate for you when to do them. Since it’s not a must you commit to them long-time, you can put them on hold when there is a more pressing need to concentrate on academics like when doing exams. You can participate in them only when you feel like it or schedule according to your needs/wants or availability. One of the best benefits of online work besides earning is gaining experience for a future profession in a particular field like writing or coding.

What do you require to get started?

All you need in general for most online jobs is a computer, internet connection, time and self-motivation. You can then open an account with basic information like payment data like a bank account, name and such for the client to make the necessary.

Below are the top jobs that are proven to benefit lots of students;

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Writing content as a freelancer

You can become a freelance writer with any writing skills. You can either apply to write content for sites, ghostwriting, copy-writing/sales writing. for instance, cold emailing or web ads writing, press release writing among others. You can earn up-to to 300 dollars per piece depending on your expert level. Some of the sites that you can get content writing opportunities which include Contentmart, Upwork and Hirewrites. Some students are even smarter to pitch to certain companies needing this type of work online.


There are infinite opportunities to earn money when it comes to YouTube. You just film anything interesting and start earning on YouTube. The good thing is that, though making the videos professional is challenging, it will get better with practice. All you have to do is define your audience well and then give them something they need. Just like blogging passion for your specific topic is needed and also lots of passion. After getting the required number of subscribers and views, you need to be a YouTube partner to start earning.


Blogging will not only earn you good money while in college but also open you up to greater opportunities even in your future career. For you to become successful as a blogger, you need to build it on a topic that you are passionate about and comfortable to avoid giving up soon. You can start by engaging a basic SEO and promoting yourself on social media services. You need to be patient with a blog to not only get viewers but also become eligible to have brands sell products and advertise via your blog for you to earn money. You can also start affiliate marketing through your blog and earn commissions.

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Virtual assistance

The role of a virtual assistant is doing assistance tasks but outside an office. These tasks include data entry, emailing, calling and answering calls, scheduling and bookkeeping among others. Some of the must-have skills include good communication, great organization, Microsoft office, multitasking among other skills. Most are paid hourly and you can earn up to $20 per hour on sites like 24/7 Virtual Assistance or Upwork.

Social medial management

This job is ideal for anyone who enjoys networking on social media. The target market for social media promotion is the young people thus brands are more than willing to hire you as a college student for this task. Major social media platforms include Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook among g others. You can be paid hourly or per post depending on the brand that hired you.

We have just discussed a few of the many online jobs available online today not forgetting that the industry is very dynamic and more new jobs can be introduced overnight. Digital marketing strategy,  graphic design, web and android development, affiliate marketing, online tutoring are also great paying opportunities that you can consider.

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