Anonymize Everything You Do Online

3 Tips To Anonymize Everything You Do Online

A growing number of proxies and apps are available to breach users’ privacy. Presently, every Internet user may vouch that online tracing is not so difficult. However, online anonymity and privacy are needed to freely conduct your activities over the Internet. That also allows you to freely express your views, share your stories, discuss unpopular opinions, and respond to controversial subjects without being bullied or harassed by the general public. Here’s how you can stay anonymous online to safeguard more of your life.

#1: Use Secure Platforms

There are times in life when you urge yourself to express and discuss your side of the story with the world. Perhaps, you aim to share your perceptions and experiences just to educate people. Even though it is a good practice and it can power a better world, risks associated with that don’t allow you to post or write about the different subjects in life. 

You fear from judgments and hostile reactions. Luckily, it is feasible on your end to deal with confrontational people over the Internet while using anonymous and verified platforms to share your narratives. You can use platforms like the doe and act like John Doe rather than revealing your identity and inviting privacy vulnerabilities. 

#2: Prefer Safe Surfing

You need to take security measures to secure your device while surfing the Internet. Make sure that your browser is not saving much of your personal information. Check on the browser’s settings and turn off the option to store your passwords. Plus, you need to create different passwords to access various websites or services you use daily. 

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Browser records items like downloaded pictures, surfing history, cookie files, etc. You must remove them occasionally. Lastly, you should use anonymous surfing modes to save your identity and theft of personal data. 

#3: Protect Your Router

You should understand that your router is the gateway for hackers or cybercriminals. Your router’s IP address is usually visible to the outside world. Anyone can quickly get access to your router and misuse it to damage your reputation. 

You might have to face all sorts of havoc on you. Thus, it is needed to pay attention to your router’s privacy and prevent it from being vulnerable over the Internet. You should set a strong default password and username for your router.  This way, you can protect your identity in the first place.

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