Hearthstone Heroes of the Warcraft

Best Card Games To Play In Your Mobile Phone

Are you crazy about playing card games? Even if you have no cards, you should not be worried about it. If you have an android smartphone, you can play it on your mobile screen only. You can play it online anytime and at any place. Card Games and Casinos that you can still enjoy after gamstop will make your life more entertaining.


If you say that you have never heard about Soltaire, it will be a surprise to me. It is one of the popular android card games.

Why should you play Soltaire?

  • Soltaire is an exciting offline game and is completely free. This game is suitable for all people as it gives you the chance to change the modes: hard and easy.
  • This game offers unlimited options to undo and also gives so many hints. It is a single-player game. You can play according to your time.
  • You can customize cards and also the background.

Steps for playing Soltaire

To play Soltaire, you have to install it first. Then, you can start the game. You can move your cards to the best position by dragging them. If you get stuck in the middle of the game, you can use hints and undo. You can end the game successfully if you classify all the cards putting them into their respective suits.

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If you want your own kingdom, you can play a game like this. This game is innovative and offers you the chance to reign a kingdom.

Why should you play?

  • Reign is quite an exciting game where every decision is vital to protect your kingdom.
  • The game is challenging and full of strategies.
  • You can rule your kingdom taking the help of advisors.

Steps for playing this game

Reigns is an exciting game to play, but it is not free. You can get it from the Google Play Store for $2.99. You have to control your kingdom by making wise decisions. Your main goal is to balance everything. Animals, citizens and advisors will come to you as cards with various issues and questions. You have to manage that wisely to protect your kingdom.

Hearthstone: Heroes of the Warcraft

This game is fun for everyone. It is a fast-paced strategy game released by the blizzard.

Why should you play?

  • Hearthstone is free to play. It is a top-rated battling card game which you can play with your friends. From the battle of wits to building decks for creating powerful strategies, it adds a different flavour to your life. Unlike other card games online, it provides the real feel of a physical card game.
  • This game will give a feel of the battlefield to all the players, making them a warrior.

Steps for playing this game

If you want to play Hearthstone, you have to install this game on your phone from google play store. Then, you have to create a free blizzard account. Your blizzard account will allow you to play this game from the mobile easily. First, you might go through the tutorial. After finishing the tutorial, you can play. You have to create your deck of 30 cards. You can customize your deck. You will be able to choose the hero of your deck by clicking the name you want. You can challenge your friends and attack them by using your hero power.

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SO, If you want to play an easy and exciting game, you can choose Soltaire. This game is entirely free and also provides you with the hints. If you’re going to play a game for complete adventure, I will recommend you to buy Reigns from Google play store. Besides that, if you want to play a challenging free card game with your friends, you can choose Hearthstone.

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