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Alarm clock apps to avoid falling asleep

With the arrival of smartphones, dozens of electronic products have been replaced with applications. The alarm clock is one of them, but sometimes the application that comes by default on the phone remains simple, so we reach Google Play in search of the best application to wake you up and to avoid falling asleep. This blog will help you how to use Alarm clock apps to avoid falling asleep.

We’ve compiled a list of the best apps so your sheets don’t stick and make you late. All of them with unique features that will make you fall in love with them (although you will most likely end up hating them because you woke up while having the best dreams).

Alarmy: customizable and with tests to stop it

One of the problems we may have with the current alarm clock is that we stop it and go back to sleep. With Alarmy it is impossible, because you can schedule different activities to stop the alarm. For example, go to the bathroom and take a picture of you. If not, it will continue to ring! It is also highly customizable and provides weather and news information.

Timely: when the interface is everything

If you are looking for something with more classic functionality but without giving up a good design, Timely is exactly what you need. It’s probably the nicest watch in the Google app store, so setting an alarm won’t be a bit tiring. You can also make the alarm vibrate on multiple devices synchronously.

Alarm Clock – no more oversleep

The functionality of this application is clear: wake up every morning on the right foot. To do this, you can choose your favorite music to use as a good song in the morning. In addition, this alarm clock app gives you weather information as soon as you turn off the alarm, so you can get up with the information you need to avoid leaving your home without an umbrella.

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Alarm Clock for Me: if you are looking for a classic digital design

If you miss the typical alarm clock with a seven-segment display, this alarm clock app recreates it for you. It also allows you to choose your favorite music to wake you up, as well as to put different tests to stop the alarm, such as taking a math test, which will force you to wake up if you do not want to be deaf.

Alarm Clock Xtreme: a good all in one

Having a good user interface is essential and this application complies with it, but it also has functions that will make you wake up, because you have to complete a puzzle to stop the alarm. In addition, as soon as you turn it off, it gives you information about the weather, news, and the ability to play music to sweeten your morning.

Simple Alarm Clock

The name of this application is already clear to us. It’s an alarm clock, nothing else. Ideal for those who do not want to switch between menus whenever they want to change the alarm, because this is the only function of this application, to set an alarm that will sound when we want. Simply impossible, the name has already told us.

Alarm Clock Beyond

Do you need motivation to get out of bed? This app has a motivating message for you and for every morning, so you can wake up more happy. You can also add alarm blocking methods, which you’ll need to follow in order to turn them off, such as shaking your phone several times in a row.

Turbo Alarm

The operation of this alarm clock application is very simple, it does not have very complex or customization options, but it has a good interface. What makes it special? That you have to turn on the light in your room to stop the ringing, this or various challenges, which will surely open your eyes.

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Smart Alarm Clock

If you really want to wake up every time the alarm goes off, this is your app. The tests it puts in are the least complicated and most uniform and each day could be a different one. Our favorite is one that will force you to scan a QR code to stop it from ringing, which will make you get out of bed to do so and wake up.


In other words, waking up may be a difficult task for some of you or may be not, but that is why we compiled this list with various apps made to help you in solving this morning issue. For the ones who don’t have this problem, we are sure that something drives you up so you can overcome the sleepiness. Some are eager to drink their coffee, some want to check the news or maybe to check their games. Each of you have a different lifestyle and it doesn’t matter if you play games in the morning. There are apps for these too, including the casino games, like Slotpark app, where you can enjoy your favorite games while drinking your coffee, being comfy in your bed or on the couch, waking up in the most pleasing way. So what wakes you up? Check these alarm clock apps and start your day full of energy!

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