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How to build a stronger personal brand on social media

Personal branding is the process of managing and improving the way your brand is seen in the eyes of the public. The personal part is that your brand is essentially you, and the values and skills that built your brand in the first place. This online persona should aim to showcase the absolute best that your brand has to offer. Having well put-together social accounts are key to gaining a large following of potential customers. One way to have a dominant social media presence is by creating a stronger personal brand for your business. This blog will tell you How to build a stronger personal brand on social media.

Here are some techniques to improve your social media branding:

  1. Choose an area of expertise

Before you can be known for something, you need to decide what it is you want to be known for. Find a unique element within your chosen area of expertise to build your social accounts around. As you enter the social network you will find infinite new customers,  but also new competitors. It is vital that small businesses set their brand apart from the rest and choose the correct area of expertise to compliment that brand vision.

2. Be Consistent

Once you have established what you want your online persona to look like, you need to project this image consistently across all social media posts. A consistent message that people can relate to will build the trustworthiness and memorability of your brand, this is so that all your followers… stay your followers!

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3. Create Original Content

The actual proof is in the content that your company shares on social media. Although reposting already popular content is a smart move, the best way to build a strong personal brand is to upload original content. This could be in the format of written blog posts showing your expertise in the area you have chosen, or simply personal images of a day in your life.

4. Post Regularly

Uploading content regularly to social media is a known strategy to gaining a large influence and allows room for further strengthening of the image of your brand. Consistent and timely posts will show the enthusiasm and passion behind the project and in no time,  attract customers to join the party.

5. Join the community

Every social media platform can be described in one word: community. Marketers see these communities as massive customer pools, and you should too. Engage with the millions of people online and tell them why they should be buying your product/service. Reach your audience through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn groups and start a discussion.

6. Be Responsive

Social media allows business to greatly improve their customer service, simply by replying to messages and comments on their social media. Take it a step further and track any mentions of your brand name to monitor how your online persona is being perceived by the community.

Like a corporate brand which represents a specific business entity, a personal brand is a exhibition of “you” on an individual level. However, not everyone can effectively pull this off. If you’ve been grappling with how to brand yourself successfully, social media is where you should begin. Personal branding on social media is becoming increasingly important owing to the variety of benefits that it brings to one’s business as well as professional goals.

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These tips should steer you towards having a strong personal brand and large social media following. To conclude, just make sure that the brand message you are putting out there is positive and strong, and you will win at social media! 


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