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Stellar Free Data Recovery Software – Try Now!

Losing important and valuable files from PC or USB drive seem to be no small loss. At such a time, there arises a need for an instant solution to recover the lost files. Here is a possible solution – Stellar Free Data Recovery Software.

What is Stellar Data Recovery Software?

Stellar Data Recovery Software helps the user to recover data from Windows hard drive, memory card, SSD, USB hard drive, or any optional media like CD, DVD, etc. 

It supports the recovery of files of any format from lost, formatted, and corrupt drive volumes.


  • Recovers documents, photos, email files, videos, etc.
  • Supports encrypted drives
  • Repairs distorted or corrupt videos and photos
  • Supports Virtual drive recovery and RAID recovery

How does it work?

Stellar Data Recovery Software has a simple 3-step working. This helps the user to easily recover the lost files.

  • Step-1:

Select all the files to be regained

Click ‘Next’

  • Step-2:

Choose a specific location to continue with a quick scan or deep scan

Click ‘next’

  • Step-3:

From the results of the scan, choose the files that are to be recovered

Save them at the desired location in the system

Why to install?

Many users tend to believe recovery of lost data and files to be an impossible task. Stellar Data Recovery Software is an ideal option for all such users. This software not only makes recovery of lost files quite easy but also is simple to use. All that the user needs to do is specify the location to initiate the scanning process. 

After the scanning gets completed, the recoverable files are previewed and the user can select the ones that he wants to recover.

However, the scanning process takes time as it is not particularly fast. A 4 GB SD card takes approximately 10 minutes for the completion of entire scanning process.

Thus, slow speed can be regarded as a drawback of Stellar Data Recovery Software.

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However, there are numerous advantages against this drawback which make this software a better choice.

The below link can be used to install Stellar Data Recovery Software:

What makes it different?

  • Preview Files Before Saving:

After the scanning process of the drive or partition gets completed, the tool previews the files that are recoverable. This helps the user to ascertain and select the files to be recovered. File preview allows to see thumbnails of image, play video clips, and view documents before saving.

  • No Restriction On Data Type:

Stellar Data Recovery Software allows the user to recover multiple types of data namely digital photos or videos, audio, Powerpoint, PDF, Word document, Excel sheets, mails, etc. Thus, it offers a universal recovery option, and that too free of cost.

  • Recover From BitLocker Encrypted Drive:

All that the user needs to do in order to recover files from encrypted BitLocker Drive is to decrypt it. This can be done by entering the BitLocker decryption key followed by running the software to scan the media. Thus, it helps recover the files.

  • Recover From Formatted Media:

The data lost due to formatting USB drive, or SD card, can also be recovered easily by using this software. Stellar Data Recovery Software is highly efficient in this way as it can scan to recover the formatted files.

  • Restore From Corrupted Volume:

Many times, the drive turns RAW or gets corrupted. Thus, it becomes inaccessible. Installing Stellar Data Recovery Software can help the user deal with such issues too.

All the above mentioned features are absolutely free of cost. They can be easily accessible by downloading and installing the Stellar Data Recovery Software.

However, for some advanced features to be available, the user needs to go ahead with the paid version of the software.

The paid version comes with the basic free features along with the advanced features as per the scheme chosen.

Advanced features of paid version of Stellar Data Recovery Software:

  • Supports Recovery Of Multiple File Formats:

It can easily recover any file format including custom or any rare and uncommon file format.

  • Creates Bootable Recovery Media:
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This software easily recovers data from the Windows system that doesn’t boot or the one that crashes by creating bootable USB media.

  • Repairs Corrupt Files:

Repairs corrupt video file formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV, etc.

Also repairs corrupt photo file formats like JPEG, HEIC, PNG, TIFF, RAW, etc.

  • Encrypted Drive Recovery:

Efficiently recovers the data from BitLocker-encrypted hard-drive, SSD, and many such external storage devices.

  • Advanced RAID Recovery:

Recovers the lost data from corrupt or damaged RAID 0, 5, and 6 arrays even when the critical parameters are not known.

  • Recover From Partitions:

The paid version can help recover the missing or deleted partitions. Using the exclusive deep scan capability, the files can be scanned to locate all the lost partitions and the user can thus retrieve them.

  • Recover From Virtual Drive:

Stellar supports the recovery from Linux and Mac drives having HFS, HFS+, ext2, ext3, ext4, etc. file systems. Also, it supports recovery from VMDK, VDI, VHD, and VHDX files.

Technical Specifications for Stellar Data Recovery Software:

System requirements:

  • Processor – Intel Pentium
  • OS – Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7
  • RAM – Min. 2GB, Recommended 4GB
  • Storage – 250 MB free space

License and version:

  • Single user license – Can be used only on a single system
  • Version – 9.3


  • Language supported – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian

Advantages of Stellar Data Recovery Software:

  • Free trial
  • Recovers up to 1 GB data totally free of cost
  • Recovers deleted photos, videos, and other files
  • Recovers formatted systems
  • Recovers from and to any storage media
  • Recovers data from NTFS, Fat, etc.
  • BitLocker Data Recovery
  • Recovers files from the lost partitions
  • Supports unbootable system recovery
  • Optical media recovery like CD, DVD, etc.
  • Creates disk image
  • Monitors HDD health and cloning
  • Repairs corrupt files like photos and videos
  • Multiple-functioning
  • Extracts thumbnails
  • RAID 0, 5, and 6 Data Recovery
  • Creates Virtual RAID
  • Virtual drive recovery
  • Recovers data from Linux and Mac Drives

Also, the software has satisfied millions of users all over the world. It has also been rewarded by many awards for its outstanding performance. 


Stellar Data Recovery Software is a wise choice for the recovery of lost or deleted files. It supports multiple file formats. The free version comes with the basic features. However, the advanced features can be made accessible by switching to a paid version.

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  1. Is this software really helps to recover data from a BitLocker encrypted drive?? If that so, then I surely need this software, will definitely give a try to Stellar data recovery software.

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