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9 Top Tips on How to Shop from Big Brands for Less Cost

The internet has revolutionized almost everything, and our shopping habits are at the top of the list. Nowadays, most shoppers start their purchasing journey online, and some end up completes their purchase online. Online shopping is highly recommended during the coronavirus as it minimizes the need to frequently visit shopping malls where there are huge crowds of people. In this blog, you will know 9 Top Tips on How to Shop from Big Brands for Less Cost.

Another reason why you should consider shopping online during this pandemic time is the ability to shop from big brands for less. Online shoppers can utilize great deals such as online coupons and online vouchers to save some money. Below are some of the ways you purchase big brands for less through online transactions.

Make Use of Cashback Websites

One of the best tricks to save money when shopping online is through cashback websites like and You are only required to sign up, and a variety of online stores will be available to offer you great deals in the form of cashback. Shopping through cashback websites is similar to buying directly from the site, but it has the advantage of accumulating cashback money every time you shop. Compare different cashback sites to see if your favorite store is listed and compare the rates.

Use a Cashback Credit Card

If you shop online using a debit card, you are missing an opportunity to save from your online shopping. Online shoppers who use cashback credit cards get a percentage back every time they use their card. The percentage you earn varies depending on the card, but it can range between 1% and 6%. Some of the cards offer a flat rate, while others may vary depending on the purchase category.

Shop at Home and Pick it Up in Store

You can enjoy or the discounts on online shopping and avoid the long queue by shopping at the comfort of your home, but you may be required to pay delivery charges. The best way to avoid delivery charges is by shopping online and picking it up at the store.

You will enjoy all the benefits like coupon deals and online vouchers, plus it is also a great time saver. You can also enjoy additional perks such as special parking spaces since most stores are also making the method more attractive to decongest and minimize queueing.

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Hunt for Voucher Codes and Coupon Code

You can find voucher codes or a coupon code on the retailer website or in third party sites such as cashback sites and coupon sites. A simple way is by searching the brand name and the phrase “promo code” such as H&M promo code, and you will get know the latest offerings. You can stack up several coupon codes and use them at checkout. If you want to use the different codes for the purchase, enter the codes one at a time just before you pay. Start by researching whether the retailers accept stacking because a considerable number does not allow.

Shop during Off-Season

Apart from Coupon deals and the other deposits that save you some money, you can purchase top brands at a lower price when it is offseason. For example, you can buy swimsuits during summer months since most of the stores will have discounts to push sales during the low demand period. You can also wait for a calendar tied deal such as labor day and new year sales or on a specific day of the week when the online traffic is low (e.g. Mondays). You may have to stay for some time before you use the product, but the amount you save is worth it.

Track Price Drops and Sales

Having a coincidence where you find the product you need on offer is a rare chance, but you can increase the possibility of knowing when such items are on offer with the use of price-tracking websites. Most of these sites offer a downloadable toolbar button that allows you to add items to your watch when browsing the internet. You can also set the price you are willing to pay for the item and create an alert to inform you whenever the price drops.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

As well as using the price-tracking website, you can get updated about price drops through social media. Follow your favorite brands and retailers on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get first-hand information whenever they post special discount codes and online coupons. You can also subscribe to the retailer’s email notification for regular discount updates.

Try the Wait Game

Most online stores are always checking shopper’s activities to come up with marketing ideas and know their shopping habits. If you load up a shopping cart with the items on your wish list and leave the site before you checkout, the store may send you discounts and other incentives to lure you into coming back and completing the purchase. This will most likely happen if you are a first-time shopper of that online store.

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Try Reward Sites

Another way to save when shopping online is by using the gift cards earned from reward sites. You can join these sites for free and earn reward points by filling out surveys, clicking on links and watching videos. Most surveys take less than ten minutes, plus the video can run on the background while you do something else. You can redeem the rewards for gift cards from retailers like Amazon or as a PayPal gift card.

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