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Van Helsing Season 5- Details About the Last Season

About Van Helsing Season 5 

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‘Van Helsing’ is coming close to an end, with Van Helsing season 5 coming near, we can be sure of it. So let us dig in and see what we know about Van Helsing Season 5. The fifth season of ‘Van Helsing’ has been reported to be its final one, bringing the story of a vampire hunter in a dystopian world in which the vampires rule to a close.

Following the occasions of the fourth season, the Dark One (Tricia Helfer) has broken free of the Dark Realm and is now mimicking the President of what’s left of America. However, with nobody to stop her as she heads to a strange paradise that is in one way or another free of vampiric influence.

Release Date

The fifth season of ‘Van Helsing’ doesn’t yet have a release date. Yet the final season relies upon to release some time in 2020.


‘Van Helsing’ sets in a world that vampires have taken over. Who started the end times in an occasion known as ‘The Rising.’

With territory over the Earth, most people are simply attempting to make due. That is until the enlivening of Vanessa van Helsing (Kelly Overton). Who is a woman with unique abilities that assist her with combatting and even fix vampires.

Vanessa originates from a long queue of van Helsings, who have been battling vampires and their leader, the Dark One (Tricia Helfter), for quite a long time.

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As uncovered in Season 4, Vanessa is not, at this point the just one with unique vampire restoring abilities. And the credit goes to Wilhelm (Neil McDonough). Reason being, he was trying to figure out how to pulverize the Dark One, Violet (Keeya King) and Jack (Nicole Munoz). Who had indeed hereditarily built in a BlakTek lab with Vanessa’s abilities, and have joined her in her battle against the vampires.


Van Helsing Season 5
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To begin with, the series stars Kelly Overton as Vanessa van Helsing. It likewise stars Jonathan Scarfe as Axel, Tricia Helfer as Dracula, Nicole Munoz as Jack. Along with Keeya King as Violet, and Aleks Paunovic as Julius.


No trailers have released at this point for Season 5.


The reestablishment for Season 5 was reported seven days before Season 4’s finale, on December 17, 2019. Concurring to The Hollywood Reporter, the final season will end the ‘Van Helsing’ story with its 13-scene final season.

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