Tribute to Jennifer Davis

Tribute to Jennifer Davis, Anti-Apartheid Activist

Like Jennifer Davis, Anti-apartheid activist, Model Escorts London models offers have their own challenges to deal with. However, in this case, Jennifer Davis is no longer alive and has done her duty to help society combat the atrocities that have been laid on certain cultures in South Africa. Jennifer Davis passed way in October 2019, but her years alive were spent doing good things for the human race. So, this article is about paying tribute to Jennifer Davis, a worthy South African that made the mark where many people fall short. This blog will be about Tribute to Jennifer Davis, Anti-Apartheid Activist.

Her Origin

Ms. Davis was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her parents were Jewish. Her father was born in South Africa as well and her mother in Germany. Both parents felt threatened by the Germans in the 1930s as it related to anti-Semitism and so sought safe haven in South Africa at that time. Jennifer Davis saw the repercussions of the Holocaust, and even though she did not specifically experience it, she was always reflective of the supremacy of the Nazis during that era and the consequences that came with it in Europe. As Jewish, this particularly meant something to her because of the cruelty that her Jewish people had to endure during the Holocaust.

Her Quest

Jennifer Davis died at the age of 85 and accomplished a lot in her quest to serve the human race and her Jewish counterparts. She devoted years of her life to the apartheid system; forcefully trying to dismantle it and stop racial segregation in South Africa. Her name will come up in any conversation related to apartheid. This is how instrumental she was and how passionate she was about ending the racial divide in South Africa. She saw the oppression of the black people for nearly half of a century after apartheid was established in 1948. She became a well known activist; making her non grata in South Africa and driving her into exile in the United States during the mid 1960s. Her life was in danger and so she had to flee her country and still engage in her activism work from afar. In fact, her efforts were redoubled in the United States as she became one of the most influential advocates of the apartheid period in South Africa and the divestment of stock for companies that participated in business with the South Africans. Davis did not like the fact that these companies were engaging in business with South Africa and enjoying those benefits that apartheid offered to them and so she worked hard to raise their discomfort; meaning that they had to increase their investment sizes; thereby giving them less control of their stocks. She was right, her divestment initiative worked.

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Her Efforts

Jennifer Davis also made other efforts to dismantle the apartheid system in South Africa as well as in other countries and she was credited for helping to bring an end to apartheid in the 1990s due to her continued efforts In fact, in 1994, Nelson Mandela who was the leader of the anti-apartheid movement and had been ostracized and imprisoned for 27 years became the first South African black president once apartheid had ended. This was a great accomplishment for everyone involved with the divestment and apartheid movement including Jennifer Davis. She took a stand and worked relentlessly to break down the barriers from afar.

Ending White Rule

However, before the momentum shifted toward ending apartheid, there were many controversies and challenges for the late Jennifer Davis. For Davis, it was all about ending racial profiling, harassment, mass arrests and police brutality and segregation. Davis had to fight against all the odds to accomplish what she did in her tenor. She adopted a forceful stance to push for equal rights. Her goal was to end the white minority rule in South Africa.

In Retrospect

Before she passed away, Jennifer Davis was invited to the UN, the US Congress and university campuses as well as in front of law makers and religious organizations to speak on her anti-apartheid movement. She fleshed out a lot of reports and newsletters that showed the economics and struggle of the people in South Africa during the apartheid era. She was thorough and the facts did not lie.

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The Big Win

During the mid 1980s, the U.S. companies that did business in South Africa included manufacturing and investment companies and oil industries. In 1986, the divestment movement was able to secure a huge victory where the US Congress cancelled the veto made by President Ronald Regan in his legislation to the halt of importing steel, iron, uranium and coal from South Africa.

Providing A Clear Picture

With her Persuasive and Relentless Efforts, this was a big win as it opened the eyes of Americans to see exactly what was going on in South Africa. As an outside, she was able to provide a clear picture. And so, she left a legacy behind; being able to bring South Africans and Americans together and showing what really matters as it relates to equality for all across the globe.

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