kratom capsules

What are Kratom Capsules?

Kratom is an exotic plant found in Southern Asia in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and so on. As known by its scientific name Mitragyna speciosa, it was used as medicine to treat various diseases in these countries back during the old days. Kratom is available in various forms like Kratom powder, Kratom Capsules and so on. This plant is known for its psychotropic effects which alters the reality of mind when an individual takes it. The basic reason why Kratom was used in treatment was to numb the pain one might feel while healing. It was then a substitute for the modern-day morphine.

Uses of Kratom and Kratom Capsules

Kratom can be used in two ways. It is used for treating a disease and for recreational uses. It is yet unknown what exactly can be treated by intaking Kratom. Some people have been known to get rid of anxiety, diarrhea, hypertension, diabetes and cough but it lacks solid evidence.

As for recreational uses, Kratom has a mind-altering effect that gives an individual a sense of existence in an alternate utopia reality. It is like any drug with traces of opium like substances. People often use Kratom to get high just the way people use weed to get high. It is known to have opium like effects and is used effectively as its substitute. People use this drug for recreational use to increase the level of euphoria to feel happy and light. It is an artificial way to create happiness.

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Traditionally people used to take Kratom directly through mouth by chewing like Tobacco. It is used to increase appetite, sexual desire and arousal among other things. Kratom is still used locally as an anesthesia to treat wounds. In modern times such as these, it is still not proven to have any medicinal uses in modern treatments and so Kratom is not classified as a valid legal medicine.

Side Effects of Kratom

As all recreational drugs, Kratom intake via powder, pills, capsules or by chewing the leaves directly can have adverse side effects on an individual’s physical, mental and emotional state. We are going to look at these adverse effects going on by the stages of intensity that one must experience. Let’s look at some of the negative effects that are faced by people who are regular in taking this recreational drug:

  • When an individual uses Kratom as a stimulant, it elevates the sense of giddiness, sociability and alertness. There is nothing wrong in inducing Kratom at a limited amount but one has to be careful to not become dependent on this substance.
  • When an individual uses Kratom as a sedative, it gets induced in a much higher dose. Higher dose inducement gives a rich sense of euphoria to the user which gives way to an uncontrollable sense giddiness. It further numbs other emotions in the brain and makes the person have an illusionary time.

Heavy dosage of Kratom can lead to dependence on this recreational drug. Substance abuse is not at all good for the body. It makes the person feel an unreal sense of happiness which is totally artificial. Substance abuse leads to many emotional problems because the person subjected to this is not at all in his or her right mind. Heavy intake of Kratom has been associated with increased anxiety, liver toxicity and other fatal disorders.

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Dependence on any recreational drug takes a toll on the human body. If one tries to put an end to this dependence, it is often met with intense withdrawal symptoms. Kratom withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, nausea, dizziness, body pain and intense anxiety. It is definitely not a joy ride to experience these symptoms and doctors have often compared Kratom intake worse than Heroin intake. There are indirect ways of hurting and destroying people we love by this substance abuse be it by taking Kratom Capsules or powder. Let us not destroy our god given body just by using recreational drugs.