Scientists of Nigeria declare to have found a vaccine to fight Covid-19

Scientists of Nigeria Declare to Have Developed COVID-19 Vaccine

A bunch of scientists said that they have found a COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine might be the cure to prevent the infection of SARS-CoV-2 which is massively spreading worldwide. The chief researcher said that the vaccine would need a minimum of eighteen months of time to reach as maximum people as possible. It is a made for treating the people of Africa but it’s a preventive cure that can also work on several other patients of different races.

Research and development of COVID-19 Vaccine

A recent report of WHO says that there are thirteen experiments going on to develop the COVID-19 vaccine worldwide. Scientists are also testing those vaccines on humans for accurate results.

Local media informed that scientists of Nigeria declare that they have found a rare preventive cure for coronavirus.  Researchers of the University of Nigeria who are working in the research group of COVID-19 made an announcement for their development of the vaccine on Friday.

The world is on a run to find the much-needed vaccine for the infection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The pandemic has seen deaths of around 465,000 patients worldwide.

The Guardian, Nigeria published the news that the chief of the scientists, Dr. Oladipo Kolawole addressed in a press meet that they have made this vaccine for the local people of Africa. The chief Dr. Oladipo Kolawole did his specialization in Bi-Informatics, Medical Virology, and Immunology from Adeleke University.

He also added that this vaccine can cure people of different races all around the world. But the vaccine does not have a name yet. This preventive cure needs through further trials and research to get approved by the health official authorities.

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The Helix Biogen Consult, Ogbomosho, and Trinit Immunodeficient Laboratory funded the research with 20000 US dollars (7.8 million Nigerian Nairas) at first stage. Dr. Oladipo Kolawole also said that his team put hard labor to collect the most potential samples from all over Africa. They were testing the genome of the COVID-19 virus among them to analyze and to find the most fitted patients for vaccine trials.

Determination and unparalleled labor

Scientists team could able to find the most potential patients of infected coronavirus patients who could be appropriate for the trials for developing vaccines.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Solomon Adebola said that they had the self-assurance to give assistance to the funding process of the whole research to bring the vaccine in front of the world.

He also said that the team was very delighted to make a rare vaccine that would tackle worldwide devastation. They were very much passionate to deliver a preventive vaccine and bringing it to this world with their collective hard work.

Professor Julius Oloke, Vice-Chancellor, Precious Cornerstone University of Ibadan, and coordinator of the unit of research group claimed that the vaccine made into reality and they had tested it many times. This remarkable discovery not only would serve the people of Africa but also all the races globally. The effort to develop this vaccine was not just sham but the result of pure determination. The research needed unparalleled labor of health scientists.

He added that it seemed more people were in need of preventive care from coronavirus as compare to the number of people who required the medicines.

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WHO (World Health Organization) reported that at present the world has more than 120 potential volunteers who are in the initial step of the experimental vaccine trials which could develop a potential solution.

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