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The Perfect Present: 7 Awesome Gift Ideas For Your Teens

Do you have a hard time finding the perfect but affordable birthday present for your kid? How about cool stuff that he or she can use every day? Well, worry no more because here are some awesome on-budget excellent gifts for your teens. Rest assured that they’ll love all these presents as these go well on all occasions.


Whether your teen is a boy or girl, they definitely love watches. Watches are go-to accessories that everyone should have, whether they’re a teen or an adult. Of course, you should pick watches that go well with their style. If they’re active, try buying them a smartwatch that has lots of features.

You can opt for a Breitling watch especially if your teen loves classy items. Aside from being waterproof, watches from this brand are stylish, wherever you wear it. For young ladies, small-sized straps can be perfect for their looks. Whether it’s mesh, leather, or metal, straps can make a big difference in looks. For young men, watches can also help them slowly adjust to a more mature and professional look. 

Game Consoles

A game console is a perfect gift for a teen. For starters, there are lots of fun games that you can play on consoles that aren’t on a pc. For example, one of the best games out there is God of War (2018). You can only play it on a PS4. If your son already has a console such as the PS4 or Xbox, then you can gift them games for their console, as well. 

Gaming Rig

Speaking of gaming, why not give a high-end computer for your teens? These computers aren’t only capable of playing demanding games, but they can also be used for other purposes such as video editing, rendering, and so many more. You never know, your teens might develop some talents with the use of a powerful gaming rig.

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Makeup Kits

Similarly, girls often love makeup kits. Makeup kits or sets from well-known brands such as Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, and Maybelline are trending right now. You don’t have to worry about your daughter not liking your gifts because of a color difference because most sets come with a lot of varieties. 

Mobile Phones

When it comes to gadgets, your teens shouldn’t be left behind. Phones are one of the best gifts you can give to your teens. You don’t have to have the latest models, a model below the most recent model will do. They’re also more affordable alternatives. Most of the time, features that older models have are enough to satisfy the needs of your teens. 

If you do want the latest models, then go for it! Latest almost always means better. One of the best phones to get out there is the iPhone 11 Pro. Packed with brand new features and a stronger, more capable camera, your teens won’t be disappointed.


Even if they’re old enough, it doesn’t hurt to give them a shirt once in a while. Get to know their hobbies, interests, and remember those when you get a shirt. If you’re picking shirts for a summer getaway, choose light-colored t-shirts that are cool for the eyes and have a fresh feel.

You can also let your teens wear sleeveless clothes like collarless shirts, sleeveless jerseys, spaghetti strap, or off-shoulder dresses that give a refreshing feeling, especially when they go outside. You can also collect trendy pastel-colored t-shirts with dotted prints, geometric patterns, and minimalist designs for a neat and smart look that will surely suit your teen’s looks. 

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Probably one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child is a car or a motorcycle. Do make sure that they’re responsible and old enough to drive one. In most US states, the average age for driving is 16. Also, make sure that your teens have a valid driver’s license. When you’re giving a vehicle to your teen, you aren’t just gifting “a car.”

When you give a car to your kids, you’re also teaching them to learn about responsibility. Owning a car isn’t that simple; that’s why you also need to teach your kids how to take care of it. Most of the time, young men will take their cars very seriously. From there on, you can teach them basic troubleshooting when it breaks down.

For ladies, don’t fret. Although a lot of women are also great mechanics, women also excel when it comes to the aesthetics of a car. Every teen has to take care of their vehicle and be responsible for it. If they don’t even bother, then they can’t drive a car. It’s basically a win-win situation for both parent and child.


Gifting is a way to make someone know that they’re appreciated. The items mentioned above are perfect gift ideas for your teens. Although most of these gifts offer material satisfaction, gifts like cars, watches, and consoles often carry a lot of responsibility with them. In essence, you’re not only giving them material things, you’re also teaching them how to take care of valuable items.

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