become a life coach

Why become a life coach?

Today life is fast-moving. There is a tendency to get overwhelmed by what life is offering you. You do not know where you are, neither do you know where you are going! You feel like a failure when the people around you seem to be getting everything right. The problem, in this case, John Doe is that one does not know their actual situation, neither do they know their aims. Hence a demand for experts known as Life Coaches. Both individuals and corporations are spending thousands of dollars to procure these services. You can become a life coach too. All you need is the right certification. In this blog, you will know Why become a life coach.

How do I obtain certification?

As the market keeps growing, industry regulation has become stricter. Without proper certification and training, you may end up marked a fraud. Several institutions offer Life Coaching certification. However, identifying one can be quite challenging. Institutions that are REPPSA and COMENSA accredited are your best bet to attain a globally recognized certificate. 

What is involved in the coursework?

Life Coaching encompasses various topics. The coursework involves exploring subjects such as managing relationships, career advising, nutrition planning, and so on. Also, there are additional courses that you can take to give you an added advantage. Social Media and Entrepreneurship can be essential, given that client requirements are varied. Self-employment is becoming a preferred career choice. Your clients will need a trusted advisor. Similarly, cyberbullying and mental health are also increasing the demand for life coaches with a diverse skill set.

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How long is the training?

To become a certified life coach, you will need about 18 months to complete the course. However, depending on your mode of learning, you can obtain certification within four months. The preferred method of learning among learners is online. The material is accessible at any time through online learning platforms offered by individual institutions. You receive all the relevant assets needed to get your certification. Learning resources include training manuals, video conferencing, among other resources, to get you on your way. As you finish your studies, you will need to practice for a couple of hours and submit case studies before obtaining certification.

What are the entry requirements?

Different countries have different entry requirements before enrolling in the program. You will need a grade 12 certificate and valid identification if you are in South Africa. Other institutions may not require you to have any prior qualifications, making it easier for you to earn the certificate.

What are my options after completing the course?

Once you finish your certification, your career prospects are unlimited. You can become a corporate life coach employed at a specific organization. Other certified professionals prefer to become self -employed, working on-demand, and wherever their clients may be. The earning potential from becoming a life coach solely depends on you. 

Whether you want it as your career or side hustle, you can get the certification at any time. Life coaches are an integral part of society. Get certified, help others in the world, and start reaping the benefits of this growing industry.

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