Siberia Witnessed Highest Temperature in the Northern Arctic Till Date

Siberia Witnessed Highest Temperature in the Northern Arctic Till Date

The last weekend witnessed a massive Russian heat wave that kind of smashed a long-time record. It is a town in Siberia where the hottest temperature to date has been recorded. It was just exactly 100-degree Fahrenheit when the figures were recorded. Moreover, it is the highest of all times in the entire region of the Northern Arctic.

It is an unexpected situation this year, that the people of Siberia are experiencing an unusually warm year. Otherwise, the temperature of this region is the lowest on Earth. According to the temperature recorded on July 18, it was 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 38- degrees Celcius. The town that we are talking about is Verkhoyansk.

The location of Verkhoyansk is in the northeastern part of Russia. The distance of Verkhoyansk is about 6 miles from the Arctic circle. Moreover, it is 260 miles towards the South from the coast of the Arctic. If the latest recorded temperature is correct then it has smashed the previously recorded temperature of 99.1 degrees Fahrenheit or 37.3 degrees Celsius. The previous figures were recorded back on July 25, 1988. The history of recording temperatures in Verkhoyansk dates back to 1885.

A meteorologist with Meteo France named Etienne Kapikian confirms about the record. The 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit is the highest temperature of the northern part of the arctic circle ever. Usually, the average temperature during the end of June here is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 20-degrees celsius.

Let the news sink in properly

The most interesting part about the news is that Siberia hit the record mark before Houston or Dallas. Well, both of these American cities are usually the first ones to hit the heat mark during summers. On the other hand, Siberia is one of the coldest places in Winter. So, it takes time to reach that point even during the summer months. On July 13, Sunday, children in the beautiful town of Verkhoyansk were diving in pools to beat the heat. These water bodies are the same ones that frozen and icy during the winters.

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Those are the months when the usual temperature goes down to around minus 40-50 degrees Celsius. Back in 1892, the lowest recorded winter temperature in Verkhoyansk was minus 67.8 degrees Celsius or a minus 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, you just read a figure that shows a winter temperature that is around 105.8 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the record high. Moreover, the difference is even more than the scientific boiling and freezing points of water. Besides, the span of difference is the widest in comparison to any other place across the world.

There is a major reason behind the recent temperature high. The temperature recorded on July 12 was because of an expansive blockage of high pressure above Siberia. The situation is the reason of a massive heatwave in the country. Moreover, the blockage has restricted any type of cold air to push into the country from the south. The cold pressure is rising from the Arctic coast of Russia. However, it is still unable to enter the Siberian town of Verkhoyansk.

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