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8 Best Computer Chair For Long Hours with Amazing Designs

Looking for the best computer chair for long hours? In this quick developing universe of rivalry and progression, it has been a demonstrated truth that individuals scarcely get sufficient opportunity to spend at their homes, dealing with themselves.

It is required for us that we spend in any event half of the day’s time in office, carrying out our responsibility. In the event that the office lacks appropriate equipment and offices for the employees, the employees begin quitting any and all funny business medical problems.

In like manner, the etiquette and the equipment of the offices are given huge noteworthiness. These days, practically all the equipments are picked in a cautious way to guarantee the employee’s comfort.

More Details 

These are extraordinarily designed office chairs that help in the decrease of pressures on the few nerves of the spinal lines, in this manner restricting the opportunity of muscular and nerve diseases. Additionally they help in keeping up the correct body posture.

It aligns the forearms, wrists, lower back, neck, and the head in the correct positions, consequently diminishing back pain, work-related musculoskeletal disorders and other such diseases. What’s more, on the off chance that you simply searching for a chair to relax, at that point consider one of the recliner chair from our list.

In this article, we will talk about the best fifteen best ergonomic chairs so as to give the perusers the precise information with the goal that when they purchase such chairs, it turns out to be simple for them to pick the correct one.

List of Best Computer Chair for Long Hours

1) Herman Miller Embody Computer Chair for long hours 

best computer chair for long hour
Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair | Fully Adjustable Arms and Carpet Casters | Black Rhythm
  • INNOVATIVE ERGONOMIC DESIGN - More than 20 physicians and PhDs in the fields of biomechanics, vision, physical therapy, and ergonomics contributed their expertise to help guide the development of this chair. As a result, Embody has set a new benchmark for pressure distribution, natural alignment, and support for healthy movement in ergonomic seating.
  • PIXELATED SUPPORT - You feel Embody’s Pixelated Support the moment you sit down—a sense that you are floating, yet perfectly balanced. Thanks to a dynamic matrix of pixels, Embody’s seat and back surfaces automatically conform to your body’s micro-movements, distributing your weight evenly as you sit. This reduces pressure and encourages movement, both of which are key to maintaining healthy circulation and focus.
  • BACKFIT ADJUSTMENT - Embody’s back is designed like a human’s, with a central spine and flexible ribs. The Backfit adjustment allows you to position the backrest in line with your spine’s natural curve, so you achieve a neutral, balanced posture. Once the chair is tuned to fit you, the backrest adapts to your movement, adjusting automatically to your shifting positions. Whether you lean forward or recline, support remains constant.
  • LAYERS OF INTELLIGENCE - The Embody seat is comprised of four different support layers—each with its own set of material properties, and each created with a different manufacturing process, all working together, orienting themselves to your shape with a degree of fidelity so high they even accommodate pockets. These layers were designed for airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable as you sit.
  • FUNCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY - Form doesn’t just follow function with Embody. Function is on full display. Every part of the chair was designed to serve a very specific, healthful purpose. Embody’s technology isn’t hidden, but is instead part of its aesthetic.

Herman Miller Embody Office Chair positions the first in our list for the main fifteen ergonomic office chairs, attributable to the best features it has. This chair, designed by Bill Stumpf, was an enormous accomplishment among the office goers. This chair helps in keeping you relaxed and centered by invigorating the oxygen and blood flow. Looking for the best computer chair for long hours? This might be the one for you! 

It has an extraordinary human spine-like design, appended at the back known as the exoskeleton. This exoskeleton moves along with the posture of the body, in this manner assisting with keeping the body posture correct.

Key Features
  • It keeps the spine aligned and diminishes the weight in the lower back, along these lines limiting the lower back pain.
  • The covering of the chair resembles human skin. It helps in the best possible circulation of the air and oxygen, keeping you cool regardless of for how long you sit
  • Additionally all the ergonomic capacities like limiting spine pressure and aiding in lessening the loss of liquid from the circles have been all around maintained by this practically flawless ergonomic chair.


  • 12 years of Herman Miller warranty
  • Made with sustainable power source and is 95% recyclable
  • The exoskeleton helps in lessening the muscle hurts and work-related issues by keeping the posture correct and decreasing the pressures on the spine and lower back.
  • Invigorates blood and oxygen flow all through the body.


  • As such there are no cons with this ergonomic office chair. However, on the off chance that at all there is a drawback, at that point it is its high price. Be that as it may, in any case, the price of this ergonomic chair merits its features.

2) Steelcase Gesture Chair

best computer chair for long hours
Steelcase Gesture Chair, Graphite
  • Your purchase includes: One Steelcase Gesture Chair, in graphite color.
  • Item's dimensions: Overall depth: 21" to 23". Width: 22" to 34". Height: 39" to 44". Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Advanced synchro-tilt allows the chair back and seat to move in a 2.8:1 ratio. As the user leans back the seat rises slightly to keep the user’s feet on the floor
  • Arm width adjusts parallel 61⁄8" per arm for a total range of 101⁄4" to 221⁄2" between arms. Arm height adjusts independently 41⁄4" (71⁄4"H to 111⁄2"H) to relieve upper back and shoulder fatigue.
  • Variable back stop to lock backrest in upright position, lean forward and flip lever down. There are four settings to give just the right angle of recline.

The Steelcase Gesture chair has won various honors from the top medical foundations inferable from the best office chair capacities it gives. It is a result of this explanation that it positions as the second-best ergonomic office chair in our list.

Key Features
  • This office chair has been interestingly designed to adjust to the different positions of the body. It likewise obliges a wide range of sizes and shapes, in this way can be additionally utilized as a comfy perusing chair for affordable price.
  • All things considered, these ergonomic office chairs utilize a one of a kind LiveBack technology that copies the developments of necks and spines and acclimates to the postures of the body. The arm rest of the chair can be balanced along with the different positions of the body.
  • Additionally as indicated by your working table, the tallness of the chair can be balanced and corrected.
  • Hence, not at all like the other office chairs, which give little opportunity to the different body developments and body postures, the Steelcase Gesture chair gives you complete opportunity to move your body and align your body in any capacity you like.


  • The huge extent of alterations
  • Armrest can turn up to a point of 360 degrees, giving you the extension to align your arms in any capacity you like.
  • Movable tallness of the chair guarantees an all-out comfort.
  • 100% Steelcase warranty


  • No significant negative point other than its high price which as I would like to think is very meriting with the features and comforts this chair is advertising.

3) Herman Miller Aeron Chair


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Herman Miller Aeron Chair
Image Credit :


Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chair with Tilt Limiter and Carpet Casters | Adjustable PostureFit SL, Arms, and Seat Angle | Medium Size B with Graphite Finish
  • REMASTERED DESIGN - While its iconic form has remained largely unchanged, the Aeron Chair has been remastered from the casters up. With the help of Don Chadwick, the chair’s original co-designer, Herman Miller has updated Aeron to incorporate more than 20 years of research on the science of sitting, as well as advancements in materials, manufacturing, and technology.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - Across Aeron's 8Z Pellicle elastomeric suspension seat and backrest, eight latitudinal zones of varying tension envelop you as you sit, delivering greater comfort and ergonomic support. The new 8Z Pellicle also allows body heat to pass through to help maintain an even and comfortable skin temperature.
  • COOLS & VENTILATES - Sitting in one position reduces the natural pumping action of the muscles that deliver nutrients to the spine. As you sit in Aeron, however, the tilt allows the chair to move seamlessly with your body, so shifting between forward and reclining postures is smooth and balanced throughout the entire range of recline.
  • SIZES FOR EVERY BODY - With chairs, one size does not fit all people. Based on an ends-to-the-middle design approach, Aeron comes in three sizes (A, B, and C) to provide an inclusive fit that delivers the same level of comfort to the largest range of anthropometric body types of any office chair.
  • ERGONOMIC SUPPORT - For individuals sitting in Aeron, cross-performance design means the ergonomic chair fully accommodates the widest possible range of activities and postures people adopt while working, from intense, forward-facing focus to relaxed, contemplative recline.

Looking for the best computer chair for long hours with amazing design? This is just one you are looking for!  This chair, designed by Bill Stumpf is considered to be the principal ergonomic chair to have a woven seat and back design instead of soft foam cushions

Key Features
  • The Aeron infers the biomorphic standards of the body on which it is based. It helps in the certified decrease of the lower back pain.
  • The chair contains a head pad and a high back that permit you to both rest your head and keep up the body posture simultaneously.
  • In addition this Aeron chair, additionally the one of best office chair has been constructed with the high technology work fabric. Accordingly, it doesn’t look or work like other customary office chairs.


  • Aeron technology makes it a five star item attributable to the veritable decrease in the back pains just as stress levels.
  • The head pad and the high back keep up a legitimate posture.
  • The various sizes of Aeron are accessible, making the chair open to a wide group.
  • 12 years warranty
  • Affordable price


  • Size charts for Aeron office chair are not generally precise.

4) Haworth Zody Chair

best computer chair for long hours

Finding the best computer chair for long hours? This might be the one for you! The famous Haworth Zody chair has gained the certificate just as suggestion from the American Physiotherapy place.

As can be seen from the design of this ergonomic office chair, this chair gives more significance to the capacities than to the structures.

Key Features
  • The design of this chair features an extraordinary hilter kilter emotionally supportive network. This emotionally supportive network empowers you to lessen the weight and fix the issue living in your lower back and neck. be that as it may
  • Additionally there is a pelvic cushion joined to it that helps in the ideal alignment of your spinal strings and forestalls diseases like slip plate and others.
  • On the off chance that you need a reclining position, an alternate head rest is accessible with this chair.
  • The other standard changes of this chair are the modification of the armrest, particularly its width and stature and furthermore the seat tallness and the strain of the chair.


  • The detached pelvic cushion that helps in the best possible alignment of the spine.
  • Movability of the stature of the chair as likewise the tallness and the width of the armrest.
  • 3-point tilt instrument that it gives along the multi-positional backstop and the forward tilt.
  • It has an enormously simple movability and can be fit into any room, be it office room or board room.


The arms slide and move effectively and may not remain set up on the off chance that you bump them.

5) Steelcase Leap fabric Chair

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair, Black, -
  • Steelcase's no.1 selling ergonomic chair. livelumbar technology flexes with movements for ergonomic comfort.
  • Item Dimensions: 24.75" L x 27" W x 43.5" H
  • Liveback - mimics the natural spine shape throughout the workday. the leap chair's back changes its shape to conform to yours so you can work comfortably and stay comfortable longer.
  • Natural glide system. recline and the seat glides forward enabiling you to recline and still stay visually oriented and reach your work. this encourages more varied postures, which means less static load on the spine.
  • Cradle to Cradle Certification - Silver. Leap is up 98-percent recyclable by weight, depending on the options selected, and made of up to 30-percent recycled content.

The Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair positions the fifth in our list for the main fifteen best ergonomic office chairs. The TRP of this item is principally the accomplishment of the best of characteristics at an entirely sensible price. This is one of the best computer chair for long hours. 

Key Features
  • The most significant feature of this chair is the LiveBack technology that it employments.
  • This technology guarantees that the chair will adjust to the various positions that your body tends to procure.
  • By doing this, it lessens the weight on the defenseless focuses in your body like the spinal rope, the neck and the head.
  • It has accompanied a skimming procedure that acclimates to your reclining, straight and relaxing positions. The appealing perspective about this chair is likewise its flexibility.
  • You can completely optimize every single piece of the chair as indicated by your own advantage.
  • You can alter the tallness and the width of the chair as per your body posture consistently.


  • Affordable price with extraordinary quality
  • The chair is produced using reused material and the entirety of its parts are recyclable. This guarantees a 99% domain agreeable items and less arranging.
  • There are no emanating items utilized during the assembling of this chair.
  • Moreover, the flexibility and the customizability of this chair is astounding.
  • LiveBack Technology makes it amazingly comfortable. Further the coasting system causes it to adjust the few body postures that you respect.


  • Armrest Shifting – As numerous clients like this highly flexible armrest moving features. In any case, hardly any despite everything think that its muddled and consider it as a negative perspective.
  • High Pricing – However, this chair is incredibly comfortable. Be that as it may, its kinda a one-time high investment.

6) Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Herman Miller Sayl Chair
Image Credit :
Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Office Chair with Tilt Limiter and Carpet Casters | Stationary Seat Depth and Arms | Black Frame with Licorice Crepe Seat
  • This "life unframed" chair is an amazing mix of sophisticated engineering, design and ergonomics that promotes a real sense of seated freedom.
  • Height: 34.25-38.75" Width: 24.5" Depth: 24.5"
  • Basic Model: Fixed Arms

The Sayl chair by Herman Miller is the brand’s first ergonomic office chair which is a lot of affordable. Sayl Chair is made of reused material and comes in various alluring hues.

Key Features
  • Herman Miller Sayl Chair has been armed with the absolute best building skills. It has two unique developments fundamentally the Y-tower and the ArcSpan.
  • The previous is the pseudo backbone of the chair and is found simply like the backbone of the people.
  • Its principal function is to extend the fabric and offer support at the same time. The last-mentioned anyway is designed to keep up the shape and the posture of the body and keep the fabric in its appropriate spot.
  • The design of this chair, motivated by the Golden Bridge of London assists with obliging a wide range of body postures and guarantees immaculate comfort and opportunity simultaneously.


  • Unframed back aides in the best possible section of oxygen, making the chair breathable and helping in keeping you cool at your work.
  • 12 years warranty
  • Design of this chair helps in the exact upkeep of the body posture and spine and neck alignment.
  • Moreover, Very rich from all positions.
  • Very affordable price makes it a universal top pick.


  • Armrests may get disintegrated marginally with age
  • Being low in price, it doesn’t guarantee flawless quality. Lion’s share of the modification strategies that are accessible in other high priced products are missing here. Thusly this chair can be utilized for transient phase as it were.

7) Serta Mid-Back Office Chair
Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair High Back Big and Tall Ergonomic for Lumber Support Task Swivel, Bonded Leather, Mid Black
  • MORE THAN A SEAT: Rethink what a chair can do with the Serta Wellness by Design Mid-Back Office Chair
  • BLISSFUL COMFORT: Black leather desk chair layered with plush body pillows
  • INNOVATIVE POSTURE-IMPROVING DESIGN: Reactive AIR lumbar zone flexes and twists with your movement to ensure proper posture
  • CRAFTED FOR WELLNESS: Ergonomic office chair supports spinal health and wellness
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FIT: Adjustable height, tilt, arm positioning, and lumbar support

Despite the fact that the organization of Serta is most popular for its mattresses, it in any case has fabricated an ergonomic office chair that has in fact stood out for us.

Key Features
  • Serta Mid-Back Office Chair has the design of some high brand padded thus layered body pillows that guarantee absolute comfort and support.
  • The construction of this chair is to be sure. It is constructed with a domain amicable cowhides that is armed with BIM dynamic lumbar rotate for lumbar support.
  • This lumbar support is required when you move your body. The armrest is additionally padded in a comfortable manner.
  • You can change the stature of the armrest by the press up button. The tilt technology that it utilizes is utilized for the correction of the postures.
  • It makes your pelvis tilt when you tilt forward. Additionally it keeps the back in a nonpartisan position forestalling the development of weight in the defenseless purposes of the body.
  • In this way the decrease in the weight development keeps the transportation of liquids from the circles and aides in the continuation of the spinal development.


  • High class condition amicable calfskin that gives a dash of some selective brands.
  • Soft pillows that guarantee impeccable comfort.
  • Moreover, tilt technology that keeps the posture of the body great.
  • Extraordinary flexibility that this chair gives particularly in the padded arm rest.


  • Pneumatics are somewhat tall for individuals under five feet, four inches tall.
  • 1 Year warranty in particular.

8) Alera Elusion Swivel Chair

Alera Elusion Swivel Chair
Image Credit :
Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair, Black
  • Multifunction mechanism allows Back angle adjustment relative to seat, adjustable tilt (free floating or infinite locking positions) and forward tilt
  • Cool, breathable mesh Back
  • Contoured Seat Cushion with premium fabric upholstery and waterfall edge to help relieve pressure on legs

Alera Elusion Swivel chair has been remembered for the list for the best fifteen best ergonomic office chairs, attributable to the prevalence among the customers. The ergonomic office chair has been checked on in the positive notes explicitly on the grounds that to the price and the comfort that it gives at such a price.

Key Features of this best computer chair for long hours 
  • It has a design of a breathable fabric work at the back that assists with keeping you cool during your work.
  • The best feature of this chair is its formed seat pad that has a cascade edge and is armed with premium upholstery that limits the pressures on your legs.
  • Moreover, the back of this chair is steady to the point that it brings about the best possible upkeep of your posture and forestalls lower back pain.
  • Besides, regardless of being at a low price, this chair has the best features of the tilt technology and the changes of the width and the tallness of the arm rest.


  • Extremely affordable price with most extreme comfort.
  • Fabrics’ work design assists with keeping you cool.
  • Top-quality movability offered in the armrest.


  • Being low at price, it doesn’t have probably the best change advances gave in the high-class office chairs. Anyway unquestionably, they give the base flexibility required to the most extreme comfort and support.

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