See in IPL 2020

5 Things We Won’t Get to See in IPL 2020

Cricket fans and IPL enthusiasts breathed a sigh of relief when BCC announced that IPL 2020 would start from 19th September 2020 in UAE. The official IPL 2020 schedule will be out soon, but this time around, the marquee tournament will be played in UAE. Find about the five things that we won’t get to see in IPL 2020.

The IPL 2020 first match is an eagerly awaited event, as it is already August, and fans have not been able to see their favourite players compete against each other. The IPL 2020 news is that all matches will be played under strict guidelines with respect to the current Covid-19 pandemic. All the IPL 2020 teams will be raring to go and try to win the coveted IPL trophy.

The IPL 2020 time table is expected to be a packed one this time around. The IPL 2020 players list of all IPL teams are already out there. Save the IPL 2020 start date and never miss any match of this cricket carnival.

Things we will Miss in the IPL 2020

19 September is the IPL 2020 date when the most electrifying domestic T20 begins. Due to the current situation of the pandemic, there are many things that we might miss out on during this IPL 2020. The following are a few notable things that we will not see during this season of the IPL.

1. Fans (Empty Stands):

If there is one major factor that makes a sport larger than life, then it has to be the fans. The atmosphere that they create and support that they show is unmatched. With no fans in the stadium this time around, there would be no such things as a home advantage or something. Fans act as the 12th man of any home team, motivating their team to perform at its best.

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2. No Over-the-Top Celebrations:

Cricket is a game where you will encounter various characters; some like to be calm while others can celebrate like there is no tomorrow. The celebrations sometimes go over the top, as fielders come rushing to congratulate the bowlers with hugs and handshakes.

3. No Press Conferences and Post-Match Presentations:

Fans love to get an insight into the game through press conferences or post-match presentations. But this time around, for players’ safety, there won’t be any press conferences or post-match presentations.

4. Cheerleaders:

They add glamour to this whole carnival of cricket, you won’t be able to see in IPL 2020, but they will be missed during IPL 2020. Also, cheerleaders keep the audiences entertained with their dance moves.

5. Quick Indian Outfields:

The IPL 2020 will be played in UAE due to the pandemic. Players will miss their home grounds to which they are so used to. Also, Indian outfields are quick as compared to the ones in the UAE. How pitches in UAE behave is something to be seen.

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