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7 Useful Wireless Products that will help your Business

Being connected to the web is an important business tool that can improve productivity, keep businesses in consistent contact with their clients and potential client base, and it can actually improve sales.

And all of these benefits are made that little bit more beneficial, when your business is making use of those wireless products which have been created specifically for business use.

Switchcom has grown over the years to become one of South Africa’s very best networking tools, accessories and product suppliers, and our products are available to networking businesses and private clients throughout the country. We supply all of the biggest brand names including Fanvil, Tenda, Cambium, Mimosa, and Ubiquiti. Visit their website: https://www.switchcom.co.za/ or contact them on: 010 007 2555.

If you choose to go wireless for your business, you will be able to conduct your day to day tasks a lot faster and more efficiently when you have these 7 wireless products.

  1. Router

There are many routers on the market these days, and often the internet provider you choose to work with will supply the router as part of your contract. While initially, this is a great launching point for your Wi-Fi connectivity, these routers are generally quite basic and soon you might find that you need to upgrade to something more capable.

Some of the best wireless routers out there are made by TP-Link, Tenda, MikroTik, Cambium and Ubiquiti. These companies have formidable reputations in the networking industry, and their products are used by some of the leading networking companies in the country.

  1. Antenna

After the router, the antenna is the next must have wireless product for your business. An antenna is used to pick up the signal and transmit it to the router, which then converts it for device use. Without one you have no connection, and with the wrong kind of antenna, you might just end up with periodic disconnection and dropped signal.

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The industry leaders for antennas include Ubiquiti, Sein, Algcom and Mimosa.

  1. Access Points

The access point is a device which is used to create a local area network and it is used to connect to a wired router and then sends out the signal to the area in which it is needed. They are especially useful for businesses running from tight office spaces as they are quite fantastic at covering small areas. Access points are also used to connect a number of wireless devices using a single wireless network.

  1. Mesh Wi-Fi Systems

These are ideally used to cover spaces in the office which don’t receive signal from your regular router. Mesh Wi-Fi systems are quite similar but not the same as signal extenders. Mesh Wi-Fi systems are manufactured by companies such as Tenda, TP-Link and Ubiquiti.

  1. Range Extenders

Used to improve the signal range of the Wi-Fi device, range extenders can be used in large company buildings. These products are capable of covering both long and short ranges. Extenders work by receiving and then rebroadcasting the signal to those areas where signal is weak or non-existent. The extender processes signals really quickly but they might require some manual network connection.

  1. Signal Boosters

When Wi-Fi single is weak, having a signal booster capable of extending the range and boosting the existing signal is a must. These devices can be particularly useful in office spaces where there could be a disturbance in the signal or obstacles in the way of the signal.

Some of the best signal boosters include those made by Amplitec.

  1. Radios

A Wi-Fi radio is another fantastic device which is designed to pick up signals from the wireless connection, as it is broadcast from your router. It is this signal which is then used to connect your laptop or any other device to the web. Radios are an important part of the Wi-Fi setup and a must for businesses.

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The best radios are made by Mimosa, Ubiquiti, and MikroTik.

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