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How you can benefit from renting a bakkie

If you are sitting on the fence about renting, these are the reasons why you should go ahead and book a bakkie today. 

When your current vehicle just isn’t big enough for your transporting needs, and hiring the services of a removal company leaves you with anxiety and a certain worry about the prices and quality of the service, you can rely on bakkie rental to take care of your needs. 

At The Yellow Rental Company, we aim to meet our client’s unique transportation needs and we do so by having a top quality fleet of reliable bakkies to rent. Our clients can enjoy all of the perks of having a bakkie, and clients can be specific about the number of days they’ll need the vehicle, allowing them to plan their budget.  

How can you benefit from renting a bakkie

It has quite possibly never been so easy to hire a vehicle. A quick search for bakkie hire or even van rental online, a couple of clicks, sharing some information with the rental company, and you will be well on your way to collecting your bakkie or van. 

And there are many good reasons why you should be considering bakkie rentals:

  • Hiring is just better 

In terms of saving money by not having to pay for a new vehicle, pay for monthly insurance, and finance the ongoing maintenance, sometimes, it just makes more financial sense to hire and not buy a new vehicle. 

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When you buy a new car, the value of your investment immediately depreciates when you drive it off the showroom floor. Why take that risk, especially if you are not going to use the vehicle on a daily basis? 

Renting is cost-effective. 

  • Move it yourself 

Removal companies do have their benefits, but sometimes they are not what you actually need. Although many people moving homes or picking up and delivering shop products will turn to a removal company, moving it yourself using bakkie rentals can be the better option. 


Because not only does it work out cheaper, but it also allows you to take control of the process. You pack, you move, and you determine the amount of time it takes. 

  • Simplified Organising 

Unlike buying a new bakkie, which is a big commitment and requires plenty of paperwork, phone calls, and even negotiating, hiring is so much simpler. So simple in fact, that most of it can be quickly done online and once payments are sorted, the bakkie is yours for however long you’ve rented it for. 

  • Little Experience Needed 

As long as you have driven a car in the past, you won’t need much more experience than that. Bakkies are incredibly easy to drive and they won’t require anything more than your normal driver’s license. This is unlike hiring a trailer, which will require you to have a special license to do so. 

The Yellow Rental Company is South Africa’s leading vehicle hiring company and our fleet consists of many fully maintained vehicles that you can take full advantage of. Renting a bakkie is as easy as filling out the form on our website or giving us a quick phone call. 

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