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How to unclog a toilet without the help of a Plunger

How to Unclog a Toilet Without a plunger? 

Want to know how to unclog a toilet without the help of a plunger? Let us discuss this in detail. A clogged toilet is a crisis in its own right; accordingly, there ought to be more than one answer for times when you don’t have a plunger. On the off chance that you’ve dealt with one or are dealing with one at the present time, We are certain you agree, and you’ll everlastingly appreciate the gift of smooth flushing.

In the event that you don’t have a plunger, your next intuition may be to call a plumber. In any case, you will attempt each deceives in the book before you call a plumber and pay unplanned bills. While, in some cases, it is even too late for the plumber to show up, or you can’t get any plumbers to come around because it’s Sunday, or it’s the holidays. No plunger, no plumber, no issue! We’ve accumulated a rundown of valuable hacks to unblock your flushing toilet nonetheless.

More Details 

Before we continue to examine these tips, you should realize that steady clogging may be a symptom of a more extreme toilet issue. In case you’re encountering continuous toilet clogging, you can read our blog on why your toilet clogs. If the clog causes a flood over the toilet seat, you should eliminate a portion of the water before attempting hacks that include adding fluid to the toilet bowl.

Here are 14 ways how to unclog a toilet:

1. Hold-Flush


In the event that you just turned the flush-handle halfway, you may assume the waste is altogether gone when it disappears. However, there is a high propensity of the large excreta getting lodged in the toilet trap, which will probably cause clogging.

In the event that you notice the water has risen somewhat higher than anticipated, turn the handle totally when you flush again. At the point when weight is applied, the flapper stays open; this means the full intensity of the water may be all you have to get things going on the off chance that you have a dual-flush toilet, flush with the button that releases more water and holds it down.

2. Flush With A Pail Of Water

This procedure can be rewarding or damaging to your unclogging endeavors. This is because in case it doesn’t work, you would have filled now your toilet to the brim. On the off chance that it does, it will strongly displace the clog and power it through the pipe.

Fill a bucket with water, stand to close your toilet bowl with the bucket of water raised high, and the better for this technique. Flush with minimal speed. The minimal creates the constrain expected to displace the clogged mass. By chance you notice the toilet is topping off instead, stop yourself midway and attempt different methods.

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3. Utilize A Cloth Hanger

how to unclog a toilet

You probably think this strategy is old-school, yet it tends to be really helpful for blocks near the toilet trap space. Get a wire hanger; spread the wire part with tape so you won’t damage the bowl’s porcelain. After this, drive the hanger into the gap; shake it around for a moment, at that point flush.

4. Toilet Auger


Plumbers generally utilize this tool, and in the event that you have one lying around in your home, at that point, you are in karma. However, on the off chance that your toilet happens to get clogged frequently, you ought to consider getting a toilet auger since it works superior to a plunger.

A toilet auger works like a little snake that goes in the trap space to displace the clog. Its adaptability allows it to adjust to the twists in the toilet bowl without scratching your toilet. It’s more similar to a cutting edge and a more powerful form of the hanger strategy.

5. Vinegar And Baking Soda

While dealing with a clogged toilet you may want a more laid-back procedure instead of interacting with the wreck.

All things considered, pouring a mixture of two cups of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda into your clogged toilet bowl will in general, dissolve your clog. It’s advisable to leave the toilet for 2-3 hours before you flush. You can utilize this mixture as a cleaning agent for your toilet bowl after the storm settles.

6. Warm Water And Dish-Washing Soap

how to unclog a toilet

This is another basic strategy. Strangely, many individuals don’t think about this. All that is required is a bucket of warm water and a dish-washing cleanser. This dish-washing cleanser coats the pipe’s internal walls, filling in as a lubricant as the warm water does the job.

At the point when the water has adequately heated, empty it carefully into the toilet bowl so you won’t get scorched. Let it rest in the toilet bowl for 15-25 minutes before flushing.

7. Utilizing A Plastic Bottle

You may consider this procedure too hands-on for your benefit; however, it may be your way out of a clogged toilet situation. To start with, turn off the flapper.

You would need to wear a few gloves because you will get your hands grimy. Utilize a bowl to scoop the water out of your toilet bowl. Empty warm water into a bottle. Now, smear it well.
Face the bottle downwards your toilet bowl and eliminate your thumb and press the bottle. This powers the water out, and ideally the clog, through the waste pipe.

8. Epsom Salts


This method will be of huge assistance if the obstructed toilet isn’t yours. Most property holders have Epsom salt in the bathroom.

For a clogged toilet, drop some Epsom salt into the toilet bowl. These aides in dissolving whatever clog that is lodged in the waste pipe. Leave it for a couple of moments before you flush. Epsom salt is speedy and reliable; you should get it for yourself on the off chance that you don’t already have it.

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9. Toilet Brush

This procedure will work if the clog is lodged near the waste trap. However, you should get down, power the brush through the waste trap, and give it a couple of strong pushes. Indeed, it’s gross. However, it’s superior to stinking up the house while you wait for a plumber.

10. Squirt Gun Drainer

This is particularly useful in case you’re hoping to drain the water in the toilet bowl. With a wipe, you will probably utilize extended periods. However, this automatic tool saves you the pressure of soaking and crushing.

Once you have emptied the water in the toilet pot, unclogging turns out to be very easy. After draining, you can attempt different tips with a lot higher chance of achievement.

11. Gloves

You probably grimaced at this technique when you read the heading. However, in the event that a large clog is wedged inside the waste pipe, at that point utilizing this hands-on procedure may be your lone ticket out of the messy situation.

The fact is; you will be amazed at what you may discover; no joke is proposed. Plumbers will, in general, locate some strange things when they are fixing or stopping a toilet.

12. Solid Chemicals

On the off chance that you’re familiar with chemicals that contain neutralizing agents/properties, at that point, you can depend on utilizing them as they may function as dissolving agents. Before you utilize any chemical, check online, or ask somebody who thinks about chemicals, so you don’t damage your toilet pipes.

13. Utilizing A Wet Or Dry Vacuum

This strategy isn’t normal; however, it is powerful. Prepare your vacuum cleaner; fix the nozzle inside the opening of the toilet bowl. You ought to also make a guarantee that the nozzle is firmly made sure about the vacuum cleaner so the toilet’s substance won’t leak.
When you make certain about this, you can continue to suck out the clog. All the offenders probably won’t be caught in the vacuum, yet after vacuuming, you ought to have the option to flush the rest.

14. Call A Plumber

Let’s be honest; not all of us appreciate DIY activities. In the event that this is you, don’t hesitate to hire a plumber to unclog a toilet. You ought to also take note that employing a plumber to fix your toilet may be somewhat costly.

We realize you probably read this blog because you would not like to call a plumber, yet on the off chance that none of the methods appeal to you, don’t leave the poop in the toilet; call a plumber at this point. Also, we suggest calling a plumber on the off chance that you utilize an alternate kind of toilet including flush toilets.


There you have it. These are the things that you can do. Now you know how to unclog a toilet in simple and easy steps.  The vast majority of the tips referenced in this blog are homemade and cheap. These procedures can give a temporary arrangement until you’re able to get a plumber. Also, chemicals function admirably. However, you ought to be wary about the after-impacts. Try not to hesitate to call a plumber if things escape hands. We hope now you know how to unclog a toilet without a plunger.