Sandile Shezi - how a boy from South Africa turned into a Forex wonder

Sandile Shezi – how a boy from South Africa turned into a Forex wonder

Forex trading in South Africa is very popular as showcased by Sandile Shezi. Over the years, it has become one of the top destinations for Forex traders around the world. According to official data from 2019, the national currency of the country, South African rand, was the 18th most commonly traded currency around the world. 

Over the years, many amazing Forex traders were introduced to the world from South Africa. One of them, Sandile Shezi, took the world by storm. Shezi is SA’s youngest self-made millionaire, who started his huge success at the age of only 23. 

Although many might say that he was reckless with his moves, Shezi proved to the world that he could take risks that show unseen courage and risk-taking abilities.

South Africa is known to be a great place for Forex trading. Some of the youngest and best Forex traders in South Africa 2020 are known to have a different style of trading from everyone else, and that is one of the reasons why there are so many popular Forex traders in the country. This year was exceptionally successful for the Forex traders in the country. Because of the lockdown, most of the people had to stay home and had the chance to use this time to learn more about Forex trading. 

Sandlie Shezi, a young trader from SA has become a huge name around the world. He is mostly recognized because of the amazing breaks that the has had since he started trading. The story of this young man is one of a kind, and despite the huge risks that the has taken, he proved that anyone can become a successful Forex trader if they manage to take the right steps.

How did Shezi become so successful? 

At the age of only 23, Shezi took a great risk. Instead of using the money that he had for his university, he decided to use the money for Forex trading. Very soon, he became a huge name both in his country and around the world as well. Shezi was just a regular kid, studying and trying to find his place in SA.

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Not only he did not pay the university bill, but he also took some time off from studying to focus more on Forex trading. All of this happened during his third year in university, and no one around him knew what he was doing, not even his parents. Everything could have gone in the wrong direction very easily, but somehow, Sandile Shezi managed to use this opportunity to become a hugely successful Forex trader at just 23 years old. 

After a very successful run in Forex trading, which ended up giving him as much as $2.3 million, he went back to the university and obtained a degree in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communications. In addition, he went to study the global leadership program at Harvard. 

Today, he uses his time and knowledge to coach people on how to trade Forex safely and does not recommend following the same steps he did, as it is considered to be very risky. His company even won African Forex Expo Award for being the best trading and education provider company, and in total, his company ended up offering education to over 2000 people for free.

What was Sandile Shezi doing before his success? 

As we have already said, Sandile Shezi was a regular student, trying to survive every day. He was from a very poor neighborhood of Durban, SA. Shezi was always trying to come with some ideas that could earn him some money. 

From very early years, he was trying to sell muffins at only 12 years old. This experience made him try his best to leave the life of a poor kid, and become someone remarkable. And so he did, by taking a huge risk, he used all the money he had and went all-in in the trading market. By doing so, Shezi is known around the world as someone who became a millionaire in a matter of days.

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What can we learn from Sandile Shezi’s story? 

Shezi is a great example that anyone can make it in this market. He took the risk, and it paid off, and today, he is using everything that he has learned over the years to offer others around the world an insight into Forex trading. 

As strange as it might sound, he is doing everything in his power to tell everyone that risks like this are not going to work for everyone. He is educating people around the world about the dangers of Forex trading, while also teaching them when it is worth to take the risk, and how to do it.

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