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Richest Woman in the World- 20 Leading Women of Today

About the Richest Woman in the World

The 2020 Forbes rich list was incorporated using stock costs and exchange rates from March 18, 2020, to compute the net worths. Take a look at the leading women of the world and get inspired!  Let us check out the list of the richest woman in the world!

Alice Walton – $54.4 billion 


The leading world’s richest woman in the world title goes to Alice Walton, who is the main little girl of Sam Walton. Her father was the author of Walmart, a fruitful retail chain in the world. In 2019, she had lost this spot to L’Oréal. In any case, she has since surpassed L’Oréal in the wake of amassing a 23% increase in her fortune.

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers – Net Worth- $48.9 billion

Worlds Richest Woman in the world
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The granddaughter of Eugene Schueller, L’Oréal organizer, turned into the heiress to his grandfather’s property after her mother’s passing. She died at 94 years old years in the wake of dominating the world’s richest woman title.

Julia Koch and family – Net Worth- $38.2 billion

Coming third on the list of the richest women in the world in the year 2020 is Julia Koch and family. As of late, Koch joined this listing after she and her kids inherited a 42% stake in the Koch Industries. She took over the charge after her husband passed away. She has done remarkable work by expanding the business. 

Mackenzie Bezos – Net Worth- $36 billion


Mackenzie Bezos makes it to the world’s richest list as well. That is after she finalized her divorce with Amazon author. The two wedded in 1993 and have four kids. They met while in a similar line of obligation at mutual funds. She was one of the primary Amazon employees, having joined the California branch as a bookkeeper. Meet the female lawyer who beat down America’s most infamous criminal ever in the 1930s. Notwithstanding, her net worth is more than that as she additionally has other endeavors.

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Jacqueline Mars – Net Worth- $24.7 billion

Jacqueline Mars and her kindred spirit, John, inherited 33% of their candy company. Their late brother’s four little girls own the remainder of the firm. The company is known for Milky Way bars, and furthermore has a huge pet food store and vet care foundation.

Yang Huiyan and family – Net Worth- $20.3 Billion

The 38-year-old lady claims a whopping 57% of Country Garden company. The firm is a real estate engineer that her father, Yang Guoqiang, established. Yang Huiyan is the 24th richest person in China. She is the most youthful billionaire just as the richest lady in the whole of Asia. She is growing her business continuously and may soon climb up the list. 

Susanne Klatten – $16.8 billion

Susanne’s riches are mainly from carmaker frim BMW. Her net worth tumbled by near 20% subsequent to inheriting BMW a year ago. Klatten is additionally the sole proprietor and the bad habit executive of Altana, a drug and synthetic partnership.

Laurene Powell Jobs and family – Her Net- Worth- $16.4 billion

This lady is the widow of the late Apple prime supporter Steve Jobs who died in 2011. She heads Emerson’s aggregate company, which is a crossover investing and altruistic limited obligation firm established in 2006. Unfortunately, Her fortune dropped by around $2.2 billion a year ago as a result of Disney’s Share fee.

Zhou Qunfei – $15.1 billion

Qunfei seats the Lens Technology company. It supplies cell phone screens to first-class producers, for example, Samsung, LG, Microsoft, and Nokia. Also, Her company likewise has a delicate from Tesla for laminating show boards. So, as a transient assembly line laborer in her high school years, Zhou has experienced a great deal to get rich.

She takes the richest independent woman in the world title. Zhou plunged into the business enterprise as ahead of schedule as 1993 when she had a watch leaves family members in a leased condo.

Abigail Johnson – $15 billion


Abigail is the CEO of Fidelity Investments. Johnson is one of the most popular richest woman in the world. She has been in the situation since 2014 when her father died. Her grandfather established the company in 1946. It is estimated that she claims a 24.5% stake in the structure, which is valued at $2.9 trillion.

Iris Fontbona and family – Her Net Worth- $14.9 billion

Fontbona is the widow of Andronico Luksic. Her late husband manufactured an empire in the mining and refreshment industry before dying of malignancy in 2005. Sadly, Luksic left the empire to her wife and three sons. Now, the family controls all the copper mines in Chile and exchanges shares on the London Stock Exchange or trading Market. The family additionally has an extraordinary stake in Quinenco, a Chilean combination banking, lager, and manufacturing firm.

Zhong Huijuan – $14.6 billion

worlds richest woman in the world

Zhong Huijuan is the seat of the Hanson drug company. She is one of the richest woman in the world. The Chinese drugmaker produces oncology, against diabetic, psychoactive, and numerous other sorts of medicines. Moreover, the company’s stock rose by 10% in the early quarter of this current month when COVID-19 was predominant in China. Zhong Huijan is hitched to billionaire Sun Piaoyang, who is the executive of the Jiangsu Hengrui medicine firm.

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Charlene de Carvalho Heineken and family – Net Worth $14.4 billion

Charlene de Carvalho made it to the aspiring list as a result of her a 23% stake in Heineken. She is currently a chief overseer of the company. Mainly, she has inherited the stake from her father, Freddy Heineken, in 2002. Also, her hubby Michael is a broker and one of the Heineken’s management board members. Moreover, as of October 2019, her net worth was $16.3 billion.

Kirsten Rausing – $13.1 billion

Rausing possesses 33% of the TetraLaval company. She additionally sits on its board close by family members. Also, she is the 120th richest person in 2020. Moreover, her father purchased half shares of the firm, giving him the responsibility for the company. However, she is 68 years old, but still, she has never hitched or had kids.

Gina Rinehart – $13.1 billion


Gina Rinehart has constructed her fortune from iron metal. Originally from Perth in Australia, she is viewed as the wealthiest person in the country. She is the little girl of a prominent iron-mineral voyager Lang Hancock. She has chaired as the Hancock Prospecting Group mining and agriculture company since 1993. Notwithstanding, her riches have declined by near $2 billion in the previous year as a result of Covid, which had pushed iron metal value down.

Massimiliana Landini Aleotti and family -Her Net Worth $10.3 billion

Landini is an Italian billionaire heiress. She is the proprietor of the Menarini drug company, which she inherited from her late husband, Alberto Aleoti. Also, Alberto fabricated the Menarini company with an aggregate of 16 manufacturing locales in the world. Additionally, the firm has in excess of 17,000 employees.

Blair Parry Okeden – $8.2 billion


Repel inherited a whopping 25% stake in Cox Enterprises. The rate was initially possessed by Barbara Cox Anthony, her mother, who died in 2007. Also, her mum likewise inherited it from Jim Kennedy, Parry’s grandfather. Jim established the company in 1898. Also, the estimated valued of the venture is around $21 billion. Moreover, it deals with cars and media. Cox Enterprises likewise possesses a digital TV firm known as Cox Communications.

Katharine Rayner – $5.2 billion

worlds richest woman in the world

Katharine Rayner was destined to Anne Cox Chambers and Louis Johnson. Furthermore, Her grandfather is James M. Coz. In 2015, Rayner’s mother disseminated her share in Cox Enterprises similarly between her youngsters. Moreover, she had a 49% stake in the company. She may climb up the list very soon! 

Margaretta Taylor – Her Net Worth- $5.2 billion

richest woman in the world

Katherine Rayner and Margaretta Taylor are sisters. They are the two girls of Anne Cox Chambers. As referenced, they all got a similar measure of shares from their mother’s fortune. Consequently, this is the reason their net worth is comparable. Moreover, her son is the CEO of their company.

Folorunso Alakija – $1 billion

Folorunsho Alakija

Keep going on our list is the richest individual of color in the world. Also, this ambitious Nigerian businesswoman is involved in the design, oil, printing, and real estate industries. She is the managing head of the Rose of Sharon Group, which offers printing and advancement administrations.

Alakija is likewise the bad habit administrator of Famfa Oil Limited.

Hence, the above are the main 20 richest women in the world, starting in 2020. Most of them have earned their fortunes through inheritance, while some have brought in the cash without anyone else. We hope you liked the list!