Travel Tips: The Best Student Cities

Travel Tips: The Best Student Cities to Visit in the UK When Studying Overseas

Large UK cities have become the place to be for students and young professionals looking to make a career for themselves or experience a new place and culture as they study abroad for Travel Tips. Studying overseas is a great way to meet like-minded people and explore another part of the world. It can open possibilities, not just in terms of being able to learn in a new environment but to soak up the history of the place you choose to visit, and perhaps pick up a new language along the way. You will experience different foods, arts and social settings which will make for a prosperous adventure.

Where are the best cities to visit in the UK when taking a break from your usual educational environment? With so many students tempted by these urban areas and applying to study overseas, we have comprised a few of the finest cities the UK has to offer. Start planning your next semester abroad to encounter valuable experiences, meet new people, enrich yourself in cultures, and make international friends for life.

Manchester Travel Tips

Referred to as the UK’s second city, after the capital, London, Manchester not only has one of the largest student populations in the north of England but the whole of Europe, and boasts one of the greatest European football teams in Manchester United. It also has a plethora of shopping facilities across the city and surrounding area including the Arndale and Trafford centre. As well as a spectacular shopping scene, Manchester has a thrilling nightlife and some inspiring music venues for students to scope out. The main reason this city attracts so many people is down to the massive regeneration Manchester has undergone with major developments like MediaCityUK bringing about opportunities for graduates and those looking for careers in the digital or creative sectors. Recognised as a ‘UK city hotspot’, local property company RWinvest has just opened a new office to cater to the many students looking to stay and secure a place in this flourishing city.

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Liverpool Travel Tips

Only a short train journey away from Manchester is Liverpool. As a port city, it’s rich in history and has some of the best-listed buildings around, so good in fact they’re often used for blockbusters, such as the new Batman film launching in June 2021. As well as the beautiful architecture along the waterfront, this city is home to the world-famous Beatles and Sex and the City style icon, Kim Cattrall. It is no wonder Liverpool is full of aspiring creatives and designer stores. The city has several universities and a new and exciting hangout spot for students to relax and socialise after a long day of studying. The quirky quarter, known as the Baltic Triangle, offers some of the trendiest places for food, drinks, and music scenes. Old factories and warehouses have been transformed into vibrant bars, restaurants, and venues for those wanting to kick back and unwind.


The University of Edinburgh is in the very heart of Scotland’s capital. A study abroad encounter in this city will equip you with the skills, appreciation and perspectives required to take your studies and career prospects to the next level. Edinburgh is a unique city full of opportunities that you will not find anywhere else in the UK. From the historic streets to stunning landscapes and several excellent universities to pursue your studies abroad. As well as the famous kilts and bag-pipe players that lace the streets, you can enjoy the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where you’ll witness some tremendous emerging comedy – this city really does have something for everyone. Lastly, do not forget to wash the whole experience down with a glass of Scottish whiskey! Students may be notorious for their drinking habits and holding their ale, but the people of Edinburgh will be sure to put them through their paces!

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Home to two universities, numerous bars and restaurants, and plenty of community spirit, Bristol ticks all the boxes when narrowing down your choices to study abroad. A bustling city that has a thriving nightlife, exceptional shopping, and some truly great places to eat, not to mention the many impressive views Bristol has to offer. There are a whole host of different areas including the creative streets of Stokes Croft, made up of brunch spots, coffee shops and cool vintage stores, with lots of street art from the celebrated resident artist Banksy. You also have delightful Clifton, with its picturesque view of the city and relaxed bistros, where you’ll link up with friends or loved ones to enjoy a glass of wine as you take in the breath-taking views of the Suspension Bridge.


The capital city London is packed with around 40 institutions, six of which featured in the top 200 of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Sometimes people refer to the city as being busy and fast-paced, but it is not all hustle and bustle. There are so many reasons why students love studying in this city, from the strong network of university facilities to the broad career opportunities, the thriving social life, and the vast array of cultures. On a beautiful summer day, escape the city with and pack a picnic, to stroll through Hyde park with your student friends; covering 350 acres, it’s the biggest park in central London and an ideal place to relax, bask in the sun and take in a bit of fresh air and taking details by Travel Tips.

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