Richest Poker Players

The Richest Poker Players in the World

It is one thing to have the ability to calculate risks and stick steadfastly to a tried-and-tested strategy needed to play poker successfully. It is another thing entirely to be able to stay calm under the most extreme pressure while doing so. Essentially, this second point is what separates a good amateur poker player from an elite player who is able to mix it at the top table. Playing poker professionally can net a person a fortune, but there are few people capable of holding everything together when there are literally millions at stake. In this article, we take a look at the richest poker players out there and what makes them so special. 

The richest poker players:

1. Dan Bilzerian ($200 million)

No other person has won more from the game of poker than Dan Bilzerian. With a net worth purported to be around $200 million, Bilzerian claims to have won $50 million in 2014. While some are dubious about how much of his fortune can be attributed to poker, there is no doubt that Bilzerian knows how to enjoy his money. His Instagram account is full of images of his high-roller lifestyle, complete with private yachts and beautiful girls.

2.  Phil Ivey ($100+ million)

Phil Ivey is considered by most to be the greatest player of all time. With 10 WSOP bracelets, the American is only behind poker legend Phil Hellmuth when it comes to success at poker’s flagship event. Ivey has won numerous other high-profile competitions and is as good a player online as he is with real stakes. If you want to mix it with the likes of Ivey but want to start a bit smaller, check out some other betting sites here.

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3. Sam Farha ($100 million)

Lebanese Sam Farha is third on this list. As well as gaining three WSOP bracelets during his career, he has also made a name for himself as a specialist at winning high-stakes Omaha cash games. As well as poker, Farha derives his fantastic wealth from a number of other business ventures, writing books, and making cameo appearances on TV and in the movies.

4. Chris Ferguson ($80 million)

Chris Ferguson may not be the most popular character on the poker scene, but he sure as hell knows how to win. Despite the fact that he was involved in the shady Full Tilt Poker Ponzi scheme which stole almost half a billion dollars from players, Ferguson’s credentials as a player should not be doubted. He has multiple tournament wins, with his crowning achievement winning the WSOP Main Event in 2000.

The richest poker players on this list are poker royalty. But poker players are not the only people to make money out of the game. If you have not got the mettle to play poker with high stakes, but you love being close to the drama, why not train to be a poker deal? A poker dealer salary can be really good, attracting many talented card handlers to the profession.

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