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What Makes a Good Leader? Qualities of A True Leader

What Makes a Good Leader?

Many of us want to have some leadership qualities, but a lot of us don’t know what makes a good leader. Here we will discuss the various qualities that are required to become a great leader. Having a good leadership quality can make a huge difference that can change your life. This quality will help to reach new and great heights in your work field. Even in your personal life, this quality will help you to gain a balanced and happy life. It is an important quality to have if you are aiming to reach to be in a high position in any office or organization.

This quality will ensure a bright and promising future for you and for the people working around you. The best part about being a great leader is that it’s not only about you. It’s a wonderful gift of quality that all the people in your circle. In this article, we will discuss some of the vital leadership qualities that will help you to became a fierce and fearless leader.

Qualities That Every Great Leader Should Have

Being Honest

In order to lead your people in a flawless manner, the leader has to be completely honest. Not only to the people that he is leading but also they need to be honest with themselves. Honesty helps to keep the entire system and communication transparent and clear. Being honest also helps you to relate better to all the people that look up to you as they can rely on their complete faith in you. This quality is something you expect your people to have, as well. Having a certain sense of integrity will help you to tackle all the difficult situations that you face easily.

What Makes a Good Leader? -Dependence

It would be best if you had an apt level of confidence so that the people can rely on you. Having a great dependency factor in you will keep your people at peace at all times. As a leader, there are various instances where you will need to make a crucial decision. This is where dependency quality comes into use. By having a good dependency on the people, you will gain much-needed confidence. This confidence will not only help in decision making but in all the tasks that you’ll need to do as a great leader.

Become an Inspiration

Being a leader is not only about the qualities that you have in yourself, but it is also about how you can change and influence people for their betterment. Being an inspiration for the people will add you to the good books of the majority of the people. Inspiring others will ensure that more and more good leaders are coming forward to make a change. You can inspire people in various forms. Be it your actions or how you communicate with your people. People love to see someone else setting an example for the masses, and eventually, with getting inspired, they try to imitate that. So make sure that you keep this inspirational quality in mind when you think of becoming a good leader.

Strong Sense of Commitment

When you are appointed as a leader in any sense, there are some tasks and goals that need to be fulfilled. These goals might be a tough task. So, to complete any task or hurdles that come your way, a great leader will need a strong sense of commitment. This commitment is one of the vital qualities of a great leader. Without this firm commitment, one will fail to accomplish any goals or aims that they need to achieve. Have a firm commitment will also help you to set more aims and goals that you wish to achieve.

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Communication is the Key

what makes a good leader
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For any good leader, communication is one of the major factors that will set you apart from the masses. Communication helps you to convey your point and share a strong bond with the masses. If one fails to communicate well with the people, it will put all of his hard work and efforts go to waste. The leader has to ensure that they have a clear and regular communication with the people. Also, having a good communication doesn’t mean that you talk or just convey your point. The communication has to be bi-lateral. Moreover, being a good listener will bring you a lot closer to the people.

Decision-Making Capabilities

A leader has always to make apt decisions. A lot of decisions that a leader may take would be taken up at the spot and instantly. In order to avoid any hardships in leadership, every leader has to make smart a flawless decisions at all times! If a leader fails to do so, it might cost them their leadership as well! So make sure that you work on your decisions making skills very well if you want to be a great and long-running leader in any sphere of life. Any good decision that you’ll take will surely have a great impact on you and your relationship with the people.


If you a leader can’t take any responsibilities for his actions, then they are not good at being a leader. Before you even become a leader, you have to understand that people are counting on you. They look up to you, and every action or decision that you make will have an impact on them. In order to keep your actions in check, you have to responsible for what you do or plan for your people. Being responsible for your own actions will surely help you to gain a lot of trust and faith from everyone. These small things add up are the backbone of what makes a good leader. Be it in any field of work; one should always take up responsibility for the do.

Divide the Work

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One of the major mistakes that most of the leaders make is that they try to put all the tasks and work on their shoulders and try to lead with it. This is one of the worst things that any leader can do. Surely, it does sound like that would put you in the good books of everybody, but sadly it ends up doing the opposite. What happens is that we bite off more than we can chew and end up crashing badly.

That is why it is extremely important to divide the work in a smart and efficient manner. This will not only help you to do your job without any additional burden, but it will also help you to get things done in a better way! Just have to make sure that you put the right people for the right jobs. This division will help you to get through all your tasks on time. Furthermore, while saving up time with your efficient team, you will also get better results as the delegated person for any particular job would be having expertise in the field. Hence that will definitely bring up the quality of it!

Be Creative

There will be a lot of different tasks that will be thrown at you. You will have to find a unique way to tackle them every single time. A leader can’t tackle difficult and different problems or hurdles unless or until they try to induce some creativity in their leadership. We all are, in some way or the other, a bit creative. This creative aspect of our lives helps us to make the most of the situation in an easy and manageable way. So every good leader should always remember to add some level of creativity to their tasks and actions. You can add some help of technology to your leadership as well! 

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What Makes A Good Leader? -Connect With The People

A good leader is just a reflection of his people. In order to follow this statement, one has to relate and connect with the public on a personal level. However, this is not an easy task that you can pull off easily. As the public and the problems would be as diverse as you can imagine, one has to master the skill of developing a sense of empathy with everyone. This will not only help you to connect with people better, but it will also take help you to narrow down and solve the problems that are faced by the people easily. The empathic behavior will help you to gain their trust and faith on a personal level. This will help you to understand them better and vice-a-versa.


No one ever said that being a leader would be an easy job. There will be a constant struggle to keep things together and make things right. There will be sudden problems that might appear out of nowhere. Despite all of this, one has to keep their head cool and deal with all of this easily. You will have to show an amazing level of perseverance if you want to become a successful leader.

You have to remember that you can’t step back from anything that comes into your way. There will be some hard times when you just won’t be able to think straight and might even get nervous; just keep one word in your mind at all such times- Perseverance. This will surely help you to get through all of the hardships of being a leader. Just take some examples of the great leaders that the world has ever seen. For example- Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. 

Feelings and Emotions

what makes a good leader
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A great leader cannot let emotions take over under any circumstances. They have to keep a stronghold on their emotions and feelings that these things will surely affect the leadership. You have to keep a smart and practical approach to things. A leader can’t just let their emotions flood in and damage their decisions making skills.

However, make sure to strike the right balance between being emotional and practical. Being completely practical will remove all the empathic feelings that you have for the people. This might cause a sense of disconnect between you and the people. So keep a check on your emotional quotient is a strong attribute that helps you to become a good leader.

What Makes a Good Leader? – Being Transparent

What makes a good leader? Besides all of the pointers that we have mentioned here, this is a special one. The leader has to transparent with this work and functioning at all times. This is a crucial point because by any chance if you fail to do so, then the people will instantly get cut-off from you, and it will cause a huge gap. Hence, make sure that you keep appropriate transparency between you and people.

Your Goals

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Before you even become a leader, you have to set your aims and goals that you want to achieve. Being an aimless leader would cause a definite disaster. So make sure that you set and, more importantly, you share them with your followers. If you and your followers share the same goal and ambitions, then it will help you immensely to get their support. Even after getting selected as a leader, you can be open to making some changes in the list of goals that you want to achieve, but only if the people want it to be.


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