High Protein Vegetable Meals- Best Dishes That You Can Try!
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High Protein Vegetarian Meals- Best Dishes That You Can Try!

About High Protein Vegetarian Meals 

Many High protein vegetarian meals can help you to manage your diet and weight. If you are opting for a healthier way of living, then having a good diet is extremely important. Along with the right diet, you need a certain amount of workouts as well. With the movements, you need to have a balanced diet that is induced with protein.

Many people believe that you need to eat only non-vegetarian dishes (majorly Chicken dishes) in order to get the required amount of protein. This is entirely wrong! In this article, we are ready to burst this bubble of myth. Furthermore, we will share some of the tastiest protein-packed dishes that will help you get the much-needed amount of protein. However, you have to keep in mind that with these yummy recipes, you need to work out as well. Without working out regularly, this attempt of your diet will go to waste.

Let us check out the delicious high Protein Vegetarian Meals below.

Cottage Cheese Salad 

high protein vegetarian meals
Source- www.tasteofhome.com

You might have heard that cheese is an excellent source of protein. However, most of the cheeses have a lot of fat amounts in them. This is where cottage cheese comes into the picture. This cheese has the least amount of fat in it. Moreover, it is an excellent source of protein! You can do a lot of things with cottage cheese as it absorbs various kinds of flavors! Here we will take the benefits of this cheese by making it in a form salad. You have to add the vegetable of your choice and add some pan-seared cottage cheese in it. Top it with some olive oil and vinegar to add some kick to it. Once it is done, add some seasonings of your choice along with salt and pepper. You can make this salad in the morning and keep it for dinner as well!

Spinach and Scrambled Tofu 

This is of the most healthy high Protein Vegetarian Meals that brings an exquisite taste with it. The flavors of spinach and tofu bring some of the best combinations that you can try. Besides the fantastic taste, they have incredible health benefits as well. Since we all know how iron spinach has, when matched with some soft tofu, the iron and protein combo will surely give a booster in the morning that you need! You can have it for lunch to give your day a fantastic boost! Saute spinach in add some crumbled tofu. Mix them in a heated pan for 2 mins and add the seasonings or other vegetables of your choice!

Chickpea Soup

high protein vegetarian meals
Source- www.kosher.com

Another hidden gem of the vegetarian protein world is the pulses. They can be made into some delicious soups and can be had with bread or by itself as well. Here, it would be best if you had some chickpeas and have them in your supper. This filling high Protein vegetarian meal will surely take your protein levels up in your body! All you need is to boil them in a deep pot. While the peas are slow-cooked over a low flame, you can be creative! Add some of your favorite veggies or seasons! It is a perfect and comforting meal on a late winter’s eve!

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Sprout Salad

Sprouts are well-known giants when it comes to protein. They have numerous benefits. Moreover, their nutritional value helps us to maintain a healthy and fit body. In order to consume them, we can even make them tasty! First, you have to take a bowl of sprouts and add lemon, salt, and pepper to it. Now, add some freshly chopped vegetables. You can take onion, tomato, and even some fresh herbs to make it tasty. Add a bit of olive or chunks of orange to give it a little kick. This can be used as a cold salad as well! The crunchy taste of sprouts mixed with veggies is unbeatable. Make sure to try this out and give us your feedback! You can use a glass of orange juice or any other juice too!

Mix-Veg Stew

high protein vegetarian meals
Source- www.vegfamily.com

This is a fantastic combo of all the green and fresh veggies that you can use! It is a soup of all the green veggies and pulses! This is a famous soup in various parts of the world. All of them have their own unique touch to it! All you need to do is add chop some seasonal vegetables and toss it in a pot with some heated oil already in it. Add some spices to balance out the bland flavors of the veggies. Now, add the boiled pulses and stir them over a low flame for 20 minutes. If you need your vegetables to have a bite in them, then don’t overcook them. As overcooking, the vegetables will make them mushy! Once it is cooked and thick in consistency, add the seasonings. Serve it fresh with whole wheat bread for the best experience!

Vegetable and Hummus Roll

high protein vegetarian meals
Source- www.foodiecrush.com

Hummus is a delicious paste made up of chickpeas. As we already know, chickpeas are an excellent source of protein. The best part about making hummus is that we can add it in a wrap and make a fantastic roll. Take a flat whole wheat bread and add the hummus topped with some sesame oil. Now, add crunchy pan-seared vegetables to the roll. Top it with some spicy sauce and make the roll. The veggies will add some excellent taste and texture to the recipe. With this hummus roll, you’ll get an ample amount of protein and fiber. This dish is popular with all ages and groups, so don’t be afraid to serve it on the table with your kids!

Sweet Potato Chips 

Source- www.skinnyms.com

Who doesn’t love the fresh and crunchy chips Instead of the usual fries which are made up of potatoes, we can use sweet potato. Sweet potato has numerous benefits. Moreover, they taste delicious as well! So if you don’t want to compromise on the taste and add some health to your body, you can have these! Slice the sweet potato into thin slices. Now season them with salt and a bit of olive oil. In a separate pan, heat up some oil of your choice and preference. Furthermore, fry these slices of sweet potatoes until they are golden brown in color. Serve them hot and fresh, along with some yummy dips. This is one of the most popular high protein vegetarian meals.

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Moreover, they can be the perfect evening snack that you are looking for. They are super filling and also have a lot of health benefits. Make sure to not overeat them since they are fried. So, if you are trying to cut down your oil intake, then you should have it within the limit.

Avocado Toast 

Source- www.cookinglight.com

As we know, avocado is a superfood. It contains impressive health benefits. Along with nutrition, they are an excellent source of protein as well. Moreover, what we can do to make it even tastier is use it in a sandwich. What you need are avocados and some whole wheat bread. Also, you can use some vegetables that are lying in your fight to add some beautiful elements of crunch. First, take an avocado and mash it into a thick paste. Now, add some lemon juice and salt to it. This will be the prominent flavor of your sandwich.

Furthermore, you have to toast your whole wheat bread and apply the paste to it. Add some pan-seared vegetables. Moreover, you can even add some raw vegetables too. For example, raw slices of onion and tomato will give it an excellent taste.

Lentil Soup

This is a similar dish to the pulses soup. However, in these high protein vegetarian meals, you can add various types of pulses and make one lip-smacking delicious soup. Boil the lentils of your choice and cook them till they are mushy. You can even add some beans to it too. Once they are boiled down, take a separate pot. In this pot, heat up some oil and throw in some onions and tomatoes along with the spices that you like. Furthermore, take the build lentils and beans in it. Next, add some water or vegetable stock to it. Stir it well over some low flame and add the seasoning. Moreover, make sure to add some pepper to it as well. The pepper will give the dish a perfect kick to it.

Banana Quinoa Pudding

Yes, you read that, right! Even your desserts can be packed with protein! All you need is some bananas, Quinoa, milk, and berries. This is a wonderful way to end your meal while taking an apt amount of protein. This dessert is loved by kids and adults! Furthermore, it is an extremely simple recipe to make. So to start with, mash up the bananas and add the soaked Quinoa to them. Now add milk to make the density of the dessert right. Once it is settled, you can add more berries and fruits of your choice. Furthermore, you should know that all the ingredients in this dessert are super healthy for you. So even if you are on your diet, this dish will save you from all the dessert cravings that keep popping up every now and then. We hope you enjoy this amazing dessert.