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How much do Lawyers Make- Top 9 Types of Lawyers and Their Salaries

How much do Lawyers Make and More 

Before choosing to become a lawyer and taking it up as an occupation one should know how much do lawyers make. As we all know, there are various types of lawyers and all of them have their specific roles and work profile. This makes their salaries varied as well. In this article, we will take about the different types of lawyers that you can become and also we will discuss the salary range that comes with it. In this blog, you will know How much do Lawyers Make- Top 9 Types of Lawyers and Their Salaries.

It is important to know what kind of lawyer you have to become before you go ahead with the studies. Different kinds of lawyers require a different skill set. Moreover, you need to have a keen interest in the field as well. So check out the various salaries that the lawyer profession has to offer.

Working With Corporations 

how much do lawyers make

Working with corporations means to become a corporate lawyer. Here, one has to work with big firms and companies and look out for their legal sector. The corporate lawyer has to ensure that the company does not fall in the bad books with the law regarding their financial and legal troubles. They have to defend the company if there are any claims or cases filed against them. The corporate lawyers make around 90k on an annual basis. Moreover, in order to become a corporate lawyer, you have to choose and study corporate laws while you are getting your degree.

There is a lot of scope for all the corporate lawyers as the number of companies and firms is growing exponentially every year. Hence, you can choose to become a corporate lawyer if you have your interest inclined towards the company laws. Moreover, by becoming one, you can earn a handsome amount of money as well!

There are two ways through which you can work with a company as their corporate lawyer. Either they hire you on a contractual basis and let you handle their legal terms and cases. Or, they can even hire you for a single case or task only. This is because not all the companies and firms require to have a lawyer with them to manage their legal tasks. Sometimes they only contact you when they are stuck somewhere. So you can work as a freelance corporate lawyer as well where you can take care and assess the legalities of various companies and firms. We hope that now you know how much money do corporate lawyers make. Read along to know more about other types of lawyers and their earnings.

Legal Patents and More  



The lawyers who work in the field of patents and regarding patents are called patent lawyers. They are a vital part of almost every field and nature. The patents are used in almost everything that we see, use, or buy. A patent means to have your own copyright on a particular thing or a product. It can be a toothbrush, a song, or even a company logo. Every day, there are thousands of cases that are filed. Most of these cases are regarding the patents. This is why this is one of the most demanding sort of lawyer that you become. In order to become a lawyer that deals with patents, you need an immense level of knowledge and understand of the various sects and categories of the patents.

The patents can be filed for everything. From the name of a shop to a medicine company naming their new product. They are in need everywhere. The first step that a patent lawyer needs to understand is that patents are a vital part of every industry. They are the major thing which stops people from copying and imitating the products or service.

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They can make up to 150,000 dollars per year. In order to reach such a high and strong stature, the lawyer needs to have a thorough knowledge of the field. They can come in handy in every sphere of life. Whatever sells have to be patent or else someone else might get on it and sell it at a cheaper price. Moreover, if a company or a firm does not pay attention to their patent, then some other company might company them and issue a patent in their name. This might cause the original company to stop the sales of the products altogether.

Crime and Offence 

Most of us think that the lawyers only for and against the criminals. This is wrong. There are various sects and divisions that the lawyers study and work for. However, here, we will talk about criminal lawyers. They are the most commonly known lawyers as having to study the law and make sure that they bring justice to society. They are a vital element of the world. Moreover, they can bring a lot of change in the world by willing to work for the betterment of society. One has to be passionate about the various laws and sections that are available in the criminal offense list in order to get into this sphere of lawyers.

Crime lawyers are the ones who deal with various criminals and their cases. It may be for fighting a case against the criminal or also it can be for defending the person. It is a complicated and highly demanded lawyer. The good criminal lawyers make around 100,000 dollars annually. Keep in mind that one has to study the laws and other society’s related norms to become a good and trusted criminal lawyer.


Tax is something that none of us can avoid. If you earn or if you pay for something, tax is always involved in today’s world. This means that there are a huge demand and a high importance of these tax attorneys and lawyers. If you want to become a tax attorney, that means you’ll have to understand the taxation and the economy of your country thoroughly.

These tax attorneys and lawyers make around 90,000 dollars annually. This can vary from lawyer to lawyer depending on the frequency they work. Besides, the frequency of their work, their list of clients also makes a lot of difference.

Real Estate

how much do layers make

Real estate is a major and important section of our society. The sphere of society has a lot of money involved in it. Hence, we need to monitor it intensely so that there are no scams or injustice happens there. This is why every society has an entire section of their law devoted to real estate. The lawyers who work with the clients or companies in the real estate section are called real estate attorneys.

They can make around 80,000 or more around a year. It depends that your work with a single real estate agent or enroll with a company. This is a diverse field of lawyers where one has to study and understand all sorts of real estate norms and rules.

Family Law


The family lawyer is a common type of lawyer that is required because they require to work around all the laws concerning a family. Be it the laws between the couple or their marriage. Even domestic violence is a part of it. The family lawyers usually have multiple amounts of clients so they end up making a handsome amount of money. One thing that you have to understand is that family law in every country is very different. So you have to understand and learn your countries laws regarding the family in order to become a great family lawyer.

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A family lawyer can make up to 80,000 dollars with a limited amount of clients per year. However, this can go to a great extent depending on the number and kind of clients that come under them.

Injury Lawyers

We also hear about the various cases that require one person to pay someone else in damages or vice-versa. Well, the injury lawyers are the ones that can help and save you from such incidents. They are the ones who are into all the laws and cases revolving around the injury or damages that people cause to each other.

An injury lawyer can make around 70k dollars annually. However, one has to keep in mind that they need to have an outstanding network and connections to keep the work active. One can reach big companies and can defend them against all the claims of personal injuries.

Civil Rights Lawyers

Civil rights are one of the most important pillars of any county. Hence, it is important for us to know how lawyers work in this sphere of society. We will also discuss how much these civil rights lawyers earn as well. First, let us understand how civil rights lawyers work. They work for the betterment of society. Like all the other lawyers they ensure that factors of society like human rights. Moreover, it will include equal rights, etc all are always kept in check. They can work both privately and without the government as well.

Moreover, this is the reason why their income can be extremely varied unlike all the other types of lawyers. However, their range can be from 50k to 90k per year easily. This range can obviously fluctuate as their work and the client matter a lot. If they work with the government in any manner then they can earn more as well. People who want to opt for this type of lawyer have to keep one thing in mind that they have to very patriotic. Patriotism and a better understanding of society will help you to become a great civil rights lawyer. For example, one of the recent famous civil rights lawyers in the United States was Mr.Frank R. Parker.

Medical Lawyer 


Another important type of lawyer is the Medical lawyer. As most of us know, the world of medicine and healthcare is a very complicated one. Hence, having lawyers in this field is extremely important. The world of healthcare is a complicated one. Moreover, it is advised that people who already have their internet in the medical and healthcare field should take an occupation like this. That is because in order to become a medical lawyer you need to be aware of all the do’s and don’t of the medical world. A medical lawyer might have to work for a pharmaceutical company or even work for a big hospital.

As we know a lot of times, the patients are not happy with the hospital’s service and they end up filing a case against the hospital. This is where a well-read medical lawyer will step and take in charge. A good medical lawyer will ensure that the hospital or the medical company does not endure any damage or defamation of any sort. Moreover, they have to manage all the lawsuits. Their executed salary is around 140,000 dollars a year. This may decrease and increase depending on your experience. However, the kind of hospital or company you are working with will also have an impact on your salary.

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