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Why Do Companies Use A Staffing Agency to Hire Employees?

Slowly and gradually the use and importance of staffing agencies are increasing. Now, you might wonder how can a staffing agency help you to hire employees and how helpful it is. Well, do not fret anymore as we have listed the top reasons, why should you use a staffing agency. Hence, dig in to learn more.

The top reasons why companies use a staffing agency are:

  1. Direct hiring has disadvantages

You may or may not know but direct hiring has its own disadvantages. When you bring a new employee to your organization, there is a substantial risk and expense. The cost of hiring a new employee is high and the cost of turnover is higher. When you bring on a new employee onboard you make your organization vulnerable to certain risks such as potentially terminations, the risk of a bad hire, the chances of causing disruption to your workplace, and the training process. So, when you use a staffing agency, you make sure that these risks are less and well taken care of.

  1. Benefits of using a staffing agency

When you plan to hire a candidate using a staffing agency, you have the opportunity to “try” the employee. This is even more taking the liability of hiring them and giving them employment. So, by becoming the employee a staffing agency, covering workers’ comp, new hiring process, payroll, and benefits during the temporary period. So, at this point of time, you can focus on the important parts of on-boarding an employee such as training and orientations. Moreover, using staffing agencies also give you the opportunity to end an assignment when you find the employee is not a great fit. You do not even have to worry about canceling the employee, as the staffing agency will take care of the employee’s cancellation from one job and hiring into another job.

  1. Growth issues
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In order for an organization to grow healthily and rapidly, it needs a team of qualified employees and an adequate supply of employees as well. With the lack of talented candidates and employees on board, companies are having a tough time keeping up with the competition, let alone growing.

When your company is growing, it is ought to face some ups and downs. Not all months and years will be rosy bursting with revenue and projects. When you are going through a hard time, you may not be able to keep employees at the same rate. The best employees leave for better opportunities. Therefore, hiring through staffing agencies makes sure you have a substantial supply of employees during low times. It also makes sure that the employees are in their great form and the employees get the benefit when the company picks up. So, this helps the organization to carry on, on its path to growth and success without being closing or starting over.

  1. Talent shortages

According to a recent study, companies are having tough luck while searching for their ideal employees. They are facing a shortage of talent and highly qualified employees. It is also seen people are not opting for higher education because of its cost, and this is a disadvantage for companies who need employees with higher and formal education. Also, with the new wave of technology and globalization, a lot of youth and other people are considering freelancing and entrepreneurship. This is another added disadvantage as people will no more be looking at the vacancy advertisements put up by companies.

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Now, staffing agencies have employees who are even outside your local area. They have a wide range of employees signed in their agency looking for jobs. They want to work sincerely and also undergo the necessary training. Moreover, as they are unknown about how to proceed, staffing agencies help them to lead their way. Simultaneously, staffing agencies help companies to get their ideal employees.

  1. Temporary or seasonal work

Now, your work may be temporary or seasonal. Let’s say you have a tourist guide firm and it is only at its peak when it’s the tourists’ season. You will be needing quite a number of employees in the peak season. But, you are left wondering what to do with them when it’s offseason. Turning to a temp agency Seattle will help you to hire employees for a certain amount of months. And, then the staffing agency will take care of all the other things.