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Windows 10 Map Network Drive – Simple Method to Use in 2021

About Windows 10 Map Network Drive

Many of us want to know about Windows 10 map network drive and other details that follow through. In this article about network drive, we will talk about how one can easily map a network drive in Windows. First, let us understand what a Windows Map Drive is.

Basically, it is an online network that can be shared and use by a various networks. For this, there are some vital key requirements that all the network systems have to share. They all have to be operated on the Windows system. Moreover, they need to be connected to the same sharing network to share and use the files.

Windows Network Drive is a wonderful way to share your files and folders with people to make your work easier and efficient. This is required in a lot of firms and companies that need to operate on the systems. Most of the companies rely on this network map only so that they all can share, view, and use the files that are vital for their day to day business. Let us discuss how one can map it in the best and simplest method possible. We hope that you are able to map your own drive after going through this article.

Setting Up a Router


In order to initiate the network mapping. First, you need to have a well-functioning router. You can use a router from any company. This will help you to form and connect a network. Moreover, keep in mind that you’ll connect the router to the main system with the help of a LAN cable.

So make sure that you keep the router nearby. In order to avoid any inconvenience, keep the route and the wiring that comes within a nearby distance only. This is a vital step to initiate the whole map of networking.

Let the Process Begin!

Now, you have to start by setting up a network. For this, you will have to go to the file manager in your PC and then go to the option that says MY PC. There are other ways to reach to MY PC as well. So make sure that you reach the particular folder where you can set up a network.

Form here, you have to go to the option that states computer. From here, you can easily set up the drive that can be shared and used by the people of your company. Moreover, you can even use this in your personal space as well. If you have more than one system at your place, you can share the network with your home system too!

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Setup and More

Here you can set up your own drive. You will get the option of getting the drive when you will see the top bar of the window. Go and click on setup a drive option from there. You will get the chance to select a letter for your drive. Choose the one which you find the most appropriate and the one that has the most personal or professional use. This will help you to share and add files along with various computers linked to the network.

Time To Navigate

Now, once you have created a drive of your own choice and need, you can direct your window there. You can do so by searching the drive’s name in the bar, or you can also manually go there with the help of my computer. Once you spot the name of the drive that you just had selected, open it, and you will enter a new folder.

Time to Share

Here, you get the best and easiest option to create and name a folder that people can use and add to it. In order to do this mapping of the network, you simply have to create a folder and make it in the shared category. You can do it just as you would create a new folder. The only difference here would be that you will have to select the shared folder option as opposed to the new folder one.

Lock it!


This is a very basic and important step that you must take in order to protect your files and keep them in a private loop. Here, what you have to do is just add a password and make it protected by anyone outside the circle access the files.

To do this, you have to pick and select the folder and open the properties where you will find an option to protect it. Once you open the folder, you will see an option that will be under sharing and protection. Here you have to open it, and select password protect your file. Once you click on it, they will ask you to add a key and a password to the folder.

However, be extra careful in this step as you will need that key and password every time you or anyone else wants to access this file. This is a wonderful approach if you want to keep your files and folders protected from anyone else.

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Once you have set a pin or a keyword on the folder, you will need to enter and clear it every time you want to access it. This is required to do by everyone. So, once you have penned down a password, you can share the pin with the people you want to share your folders with.

All set!

Yes, you are almost all net with a new network map drive on your Windows 10 System! Now, the only thing left to do for you is to add the files that are needed to be shared by you. This way, all the systems in the loop with your network will get access to them.

Benefits of Windows 10 Drive Sharing

windows 10 map network drive

Now that you know how to plan and map a drive in your windows 10 system, let us look at some of the amazing benefits that will come along once you will get the windows to drive on the sharing option.

Easy Sharing

As the name of networking sharing itself suggests, you can easily share any kind of form of files with anyone. Be it on a personal front in your home or a professional front. The sharing of the files will make it extremely easy for you and others to get access to the important files.

Quick and Easy!

If you try to share or send the files or folder with some other methods, then it may take a long while, and you will have to go through a lot of hardships. But with this network and mapping thing, you can easily do so just by simply sharing the drive with that system.


Another major perk of using this drive sharing system is that you can keep your files safe and secure not only from the various hackers but also from other unwanted people. By keeping a lock and pin the folder, only the limited and known people can get access to a file.

Same System

Another important fact about this network sharing is that you don’t have to download anything. All you have to do is just share the drive, and you are good to know. Whereas, when you try to do the same with the other methods, things can get a bit complicated. 


Another important factor about the Windows 10 Map drive sharing is that you can save a lot of time with it! Just set it and you are good to go! You don’t need to change or upgrade any software to continue this. Moreover, it is completely free! If you have the things that you need, you don’t need to pay for anything in any manner!


We hope that now you surely know how to share and use the drive in Windows 10. Make sure that you use this to the fullest and get the best results out of it. 

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