Apple Trade-In

Everything You Need to Know About Apple Trade-In

Have you been thinking of buying a new iPhone lately? Will that cost you your three months’ savings? Well, then we have a solution for you. You can quickly your old iPhone and get a new one for yourself. We know that new iPhones are quite alluring and simply irresistible. Therefore, today we will talk about Apple Trade-In, and everything must know about it.

If you are looking to upgrade your old iPhone, you must have started looking for Apple trade in South Africa. While there are many options like big-box retailers, you must look for Apple’s Trade-In Program. This program lets you trade your iPhone, either online or in-store, for credit or money towards your new phone. Moreover, you can even trade-in your phone on various sites except for Apple as well. Therefore, getting a new iPhone in exchange for your old one is not a big deal anymore.

Apple Trade-In Program is a great initiative. We all have our budgets, and getting a new phone is not very easy sometimes. Therefore, it is best to participate in Apple Trade-In Program or Trade-In your phone through any other store or online website. People even get hands-on refurbished Macbooks on online.

So, let’s get a sneak peek at Apple’s Trade-In Program and know more about it.

What is Apple’s Trade-In Program?

Apple Trade-In Program is a program where you exchange your old and existing devices for money or credit. With this credit, you get a new iPhone or Macbook or any other device you feel like. Therefore, it makes your life and buying even more comfortable. A lot of people have participated in Apple’s Trade-In Program and have benefitted a great deal.

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Moreover, you must know that the Apple Trade-In Program is not related to iPhone Upgrade Program. In the Trade-In Program, you exchange your old devices for money. On the other hand, in the iPhone Upgrade Program, you have to pay off your iPhone to Apple for 24 months. After 12 payments, then you will be successful in trading in your existing iPhone for an upgrade. Hence, both the programs are miles apart from being the same.

If you are looking for just an iPhone upgrade, you can participate in the iPhone Upgrade Program. But, if you want a new iPhone, then you must join the Apple Trade-In Program.

How to Trade-In the device?

So, if you want to trade-in your device, you have to follow some simple steps and keep them in mind.

  • First and foremost, go to Apple’s Trade-In website and then select your trade-in device. Over here, you will get an estimate.
  • Secondly, if you are looking for online and trade-in, you can do free mail on the device. Next, Apple will apply the amount as your credit if you have already made the purchase and paid in full.
  • Thirdly, if you plan to use Apple iPhone Payments, then the overall amount of your iPhone trade-in will apply to the overall amount of your new iPhone.
  • Next, if you find out the actual price is different than that of the estimated, then the amount will be adjusted.
  • Lastly, if you want to trade-in your current device and do not want a new iPhone, then the amount will be issued as a gift card.

Hence, in this way, you can trade-in your existing devices. It is a very lucid and straightforward process. You get credit or a new iPhone in exchange for the old one. I don’t know if there any better deal than this one on this planet.

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Which iPhones can your trade-in?

Now, you might be looking at your iPhone and thinking whether or not you can trade-in this one. So, for the in-store trade-in, Apple accepts just first-generation iPhone SE, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 6. Moreover, you can trade-in other Apple devices or other new smartphones. But, concerning iPhones, the above ones are the only ones that Apple accepts. Hence, if you have any of the above iPhones or any other new Apple devices, you can easily trade-in them for more unique products. You can trade-in Macbooks as well.

Which devices are admissible for Trade-In?

You can trade-in any Apple device as you wish. Below is the list of Apple devices that you can trade-in for credit. Moreover, you can expect a decent credit amount.

  • iPad Pro: Up to 500 dollars
  • iPad Air: Up to 210 dollars
  • iPad: Up to 200 dollars
  • iPad mini: Up to 175 dollars


  • Mac Pro: Up to 1,490 dollars
  • iMac Pro: Up to 3,580 dollars
  • MacBook Air: Up to 670 dollars
  • Mac mini: Up to 980 dollars
  • iMac: Up to 1,390 dollars
  • MacBook: Up to 450 dollars
  • MacBook Pro: Up to 1,760 dollars

Apple Watches:

  • Series 5: Up to 190 dollars
  • Series 4: Up to 145 dollars
  • Series 3: Up to 85 dollars
  • Series 2: Up to 60 dollars
  • Series 1: Up to 30 dollars