Protect Yourself in an Age of Digital Surveillance

How to Protect Yourself in an Age of Digital Surveillance

In an Age of Digital Surveillance, Ever wondered how you see ads on different online platforms right after you talk about that product? Well, this is the smallest example of how insecure your privacy is. With huge companies like Facebook and Google, most of your data is being monitored. This gets even worse because from your wrists to your pockets and bags, you have computers everywhere around you.

Talking about the ads that usually popup while scrolling or browsing, you will be surprised to know that your data is being monitored till the smallest bits. From the chats to screen data, each and everything is being monitored. After gathering data, that data is sold to the companies who use it for processing and displaying ads.

Privacy in this age is very important as everyone has a computer, and their data is present on it. So, to stay safe from things like targeted ads and even from hackers, you must pay great attention to the security of your data. Here we will discuss some tips that will help you to improve your privacy.

The 5 Most Effective Privacy Tips to Guard Your Privacy:

The following are the 5 best tips that can be very helpful if you are looking to improve your privacy in this age of digital surveillance.

1. Make Stronger Passwords

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One major issue these days is that there are a lot of accounts that you need to manage. So, creating and remembering a different password is very difficult. This is the reason why people use the same passwords. However, this can cause major privacy issues because if someone cracks one password, they will get access to all your accounts.

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To get rid of this issue, you can use a password manager. These are the apps that ensure the security of your passwords and help you to generate and manage different complex passwords for all different platforms. These platforms also help in easy login. For example, use LastPass to make sure your passwords are safe.

2. Use a VPN to Make Sure All Your Data Stays Safe

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Almost all of the time your devices are connected to the internet. Well, this makes it very easy for companies and hackers to monitor your activity. Not only this, but they can also hack into your devices for getting all the information they need.

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Use a VPN because it can make your devices better in terms of online data privacy. You can protect your data via a VPN. It is because these establish the internet connection via encrypted channels for better security. In this way, the cybercriminals will not be able to spy on you. Use this tool to ensure that your online presence is safe and secure.

3. Choose the Right Browser for Your Daily Usage

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Internet surfing has become a daily life need. For this, there are different web browsers that you can use. However, each of them is not great in terms of privacy. This is one of the major issues related to your privacy.

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If you want to make sure that your online presence is safe, you need to use a trusted web browser. For this, you can make the selection by checking the different terms and conditions of that browser. The reviews will also be very helpful. Google Chrome is a browser that is trusted worldwide for its security.

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4. Use Paid Antivirus

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The companies or individuals that need your data or want to spy on you are getting cunning day by day. One of the ways to breach your privacy that they use is by sending emails or downloadable links. These links can damage your data and privacy at the same time.

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The best way to protect your devices and data from all kinds of bad effects of hacking attempts and viruses is to use a paid antivirus software. One thing to keep in mind is that the free ones are not as good. For example, use BitDefender to make sure all of your devices stay virus and malware-free.

5. Prefer Cloud Data Backups

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These days, we have our data scattered in different locations on different devices. This not only makes managing the data very difficult, but the privacy of the whole data is also at risk. It is because of one hacking attempt and all of your data is gone.

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The best way to make your data safe is to use online backup tools. These can be very helpful because you can access your data from anywhere in the world. All you will need is an internet connection. For example, IDrive is a platform that can provide you with safe, secure, and reliable cloud backup services.


You have to stay anonymous online to safeguard more. Keeping your secret information secure is very important because, in this digital age, we have all the data on our computers and companies, or hackers can easily access it. That is why here we shared some tips and apps that can be very helpful for ensuring the privacy and security of your data.

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