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Maternal and Child Health Care- Basic Points to Keep in Mind

Why Maternal and Child Health is Important? 

Do you want to know the do’s and don’t to keep maternal and child health safe and sound? In this article about maternal and child health, we will discuss everything that you need to keep in mind so that the mother and child’s health does not suffer at any cost. 

While the pregnancy or the early days of birth, we tend to make some basic mistakes that can cause you or the baby a lot of trouble. This is why we are here to share some points that will help you sail through your pregnancy period smoothly. Moreover, it is crucial to keep a doc in the loop regarding all your health details during your pregnancy to get the best results. 

There is nothing better than having a smooth and safe pregnancy so that the mother and the child can lead a great life ahead. Check out the pointers or tips that will surely help maternal and child health! 

Keep everything in Check


The first and foremost rule to keep maternal and child health sound is to manage your pregnancy in the best manner possible. During the pregnancy, you have to always ensure that you keep consulting the doctor and follow the advice. Not many people know and aware of this, but there are several changes in the body that will require you to visit the doc every week. Hence, it is significant for the mother and child’s health to visit the doc and get regular checkups. However, there are other basic methods and ways to keep your pregnancy smooth, which we will discuss below. 

The Vitals and More 

There are various factors that you have to check to keep the mom and the developing child’s fragile health. Many times, due to the careless diet, we cannot fulfill the body’s needs. This is why we have to take other supplements to balance our diet in the best manner possible. To take fewer artificial supplements, you have to keep a keen watch on your diet. Make sure that you have all nutrients that are needed by your body during pregnancy. 

Keep Yourself Active 


A lot of first-time parents make this mistake of over resting during the pregnancy that can cause a lot of damage or hinder the health of the mother and the baby as well. The mom needs to stay active and get herself some sort of light workout on a daily basis. If the body is not active for long, it may create many complications in the long run. However, you must remember not to overdo this at any cost. Even a little extra grind can cause you some unrest during the pregnancy days. 

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Keep a Count! 

Don’t take the pregnancy and your health lightly. Keep a check and a stern count on everything that you do! Be it your diet or your medicines. You have to keep a tab of everything. This will help the health of the mother and the child, but this will also help the doctor track your health. Moreover, it has been noted that a time-table or a even a diet chart helps you to follow the schedule even better. 

Work on the Habits


It is significant for maternal and child health that you don’t dwell on any bad habits. Try to get rid of any bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol during your pregnancy. This will severely impact the health of the mother and the child. If you cannot kick the habit during the pregnancy, please consult the doctor and ask him for some guidance. 

Keep the Ambience Light

Try not to keep your mood sober at all times during the pregnancy. Being in a light mood will help you relax mentally, and eventually, it will show some signs on your body as well. What we fail to notice is that your body will mimic your mood. If you keep being serious all the time, then your body will also get into the zone. That is why it is essential to stay happy and light throughout your pregnancy. 

Medications are a Must! 

maternal and child health

This is a common point related to pregnancy that most of us follow. This point indicated that you must follow your medications staunchly. The mother cannot be lenient regarding the medications. The doctors prescribe the mother to be a set of medicines for a reason. If you skip your doses or don’t take them altogether, then there will be apparent repercussions. 

Weight Worries! 

Another critical factor that you have to keep in mind is weight gain during pregnancy. It is obvious that you will be gaining weight during the pregnancy, but it has to be monitored and to a specific limit. You have to follow the chart that depicts the various weight range during the various months of pregnancy. If you keep the weight worries at bay during those nine months, it will undoubtedly help maternal and child health. 

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Yes, you read that right! As simple as drinking water can play a significant role during those nine months. Moreover, if you keep having the right amount of water during your pregnancy, you will surely help develop a better mother and child’s health. If you are a bit dubious regarding the amount of water you are drinking, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor about your intake. 

Good Food! 

No matter how much you worry about maternal and child health, consuming the right food or having a balanced diet can do miracles for you. A lot of us don’t pay much attention to the kind of food that we put into our bodies, especially during pregnancy. This is very wrong and can damage the health of the mother-to-be or even the child. If you don’t really know what to consume and what not to, then please consult a dietitian and share your problems. Foods like fish and various dry-fruits are said to be really great for your nine months of pregnancy. 

Avoid Long Travel 

As the mother’s body will need more rest than usual, it is wise to not exert much. Moreover, this can be done if you avoid any long travels as well. You can plan short trips in the early stages but not much in the final months. Any travel will disturb the mothers’ schedule and the diet as well. 

Good Music

maternal and child health

Keep some light and relaxing music playing during your pregnancy days. These will help you calm your mind and get a sound sleep. A sound sleep is extremely crucial during your months of pregnancy. Especially during the last few days. There are a lot of ambient and soothing tracks that are available online. Make sure that you play them softly in the background if you are having a tough night. 

Go with the Flow

Sometimes it will be good to go with the flow during your pregnancy. We know that following a strict diet or schedule is next to impossible for nine months. However, you can let yourself lose every now and then and enjoy yourself. You can have cheat meals and can enjoy whatever you crave. But be careful about what you do. If you don’t limit this to a healthy limit, maternal and child health can be damaged. If you feel a certain way or craving, please consult your doctor before doing the deed. 


We hope that now you know what will keep the maternal and child’s health up and safe. Make sure to keep these tips mentioned above in mind during those nine months. However, please keep in touch with your doctor for any doubts or queries regarding the mother and child’s health. Even after the delivery, you have to continue and take care of both constantly. 

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