Western resort country club.

16 reasons to plan your stay at the Best Western resort country club

The Best Western resort country club in the Gurgaon city comes with several kinds of advantages for all the guests and tourists in this particular area. The prime location of the hotel makes it very much popular among the people who are visiting the city of Gurgaon for any purpose. The hotel comes with very classic and is thrown interiors which always make sure that people will be availing multiple advantages in the long run. The air-conditioned rooms are always open for private space and people will also have the complete facility of Wi-Fi, tea, and coffee makers along with cable TV facilities.

People can very easily enjoy different kinds of activities, for example, rock climbing, lawn tennis, badminton, outdoor facilities and several other kinds of things so that their overall stay and become very much lovable and they can enjoy a lot. One can also have a very good herbal massage in this particular hotel and one can also arrange for kids camel and horse riders. All these kinds of unique features make this particular hotel very much separate from all other options available in the whole industry because of the immense number of advantages provided by it.

The Best Western resort country club also provides the people with top-notch quality access to several kinds of facilities because of its prime location as the hotel is located on the Delhi Jaipur highway which makes it very easy to access for the people. This is only 45 minutes drive away from the Delhi international airport and all the staff speaks the language of the guests so that everybody has a highly enriched experience here.

Following are some of the top-notch facilities associated with staying into this particular hotel:

  1.  The individuals can very easily manage the hotel booking process through online platforms and can grab the best possible offers being run by several kinds of systems very easily. The utilization of the vouchers and promo codes will always make sure that individuals will be availing several kinds of cost-related advantages and can get the rooms at the prices which are unbeatable in the whole hotel industry. This will further make sure that individuals will be efficiently achieving their overall traveling-related goals.
  2.  Some of the nearby locations of this particular hotel include Motorola solutions India, Unitech cyber city, management development Institute, ITM University, Kingdom of dreams, sector 44, Apollo tires Ltd and several other kinds of options so that people can enjoy their travel journey very well.
  3.  The top attractions of the hotels include golf course Road, global business Park, MG Road, and several other kinds of options as well.
  4.  Delhi International Airport is only 17 km away from this particular hotel which makes this hotel very much popular among the concerned people so that their traveling goals are achieved.
  5.  The hotel provides free parking without any kind of reservation for vehicles and the parking of this particular hotel is very secured and Street-based.
  6.  The general facilities of the hotel include the air-conditioning into the rooms, availability of family rooms, no smoking throughout the hotel premises, and several kinds of facilities for the disabled and problematic guests, and the availability of non-smoking rooms as well.
  7. Accessibility feature is very well provided by this particular hotel because it comes with wheelchair accessibility for all the guests who are suffering from any kind of problems.
  8.  The specific services of the hotel include the daily housekeeping, trouser press at the additional charges, 24 hours helpdesk, and the room services as well.
  9.  Pets are not allowed in this particular hotel which is a point to be noted by all the travelers and visitors.
  10.  The safety and security of the hotels are also very good because of the CCTV installation into the common areas which will further make sure that none of the theft-related activities can be taken care of. Hence, it always takes good care of the safety and security of all the guests.
  11.  This hotel is highly preferable for business people because of the free availability of Wi-Fi and internet facilities in all the public areas so that people can easily conduct their meetings and other things so that professional goals are easily achieved.
  12.  The hotel is also very much cautious about the COVID-19 pandemic-related guidelines and always makes sure that the safety and security of the guests is the top-notch priority in the whole process.
  13.  The Best Western resort country club also accepts several kinds of payment methods in the form of debit and credit cards so that people do not need to carry cash with them. Hence, this is very convenient for people.
  14.  The hotel property also accepts the booking only from the essential workers and permitted travelers till the guidelines are being existent associated with the COVID-19 scenario. In some of the cases, the hotel authorities can also ask for different kinds of identity proofs and other relevant information in case the guidelines of the government are existent on those particular dates.
  15.  The hotel is also very well taking some of the steps to protect the safety of the guests and enhance the security levels from the COVID-19 scenario. The spa and gym facilities are unavailable because the COVID-19 pandemic and the hotel is also following different kinds of physical distancing measures along with other precautions like wearing a face mask is compulsory throughout the premises.
  16.  Throughout this particular scenario, the guests are also required to show a photo identification and credit card along with check-in procedures to make sure that special requests are easily fulfilled and additional charges might apply in some of the cases.
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Hence, whenever the individuals are planning to visit the city of Gurgaon then finalizing the stay into Best Western resort country club is one of the best possible decisions which they can make so that safety can be taken complete advantage of and other facilities can be perfectly enjoyed in the whole process.

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