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Slip and Fall Lawyer- 10 Things to Keep in Mind Before Hiring One

What is a Slip and Fall Lawyer, and Why do we need them?  

Well, you might have read about a slip and fall lawyer or a slip and fall case at least once in your lifetime. Here, let us discuss the importance of slip and fall cases and the lawyers that help you to fight them.

A usual slip and fall incident happens outside, either on a public or a private property. Just as the name itself describes it, the case is all about when someone slips, falls, and the aftermath that it brings.

More Details

This is one of the most often or regular sort of cases that comes up in the court. Before we dig into some interesting points about Slip and fall lawyer and their circumstances, let us understand more about why such slip and fall cases occur.

Well, the root cause of such cases is when someone gets injured due to the negligence of the property management. If you are strolling in a shopping aisle and slip there, breaking your hip-bone, then the administration there is to be blamed. Keep in mind that the fall did not occur due to disbalance naturally. It was primarily due to wet-floor, uneven surface or anything similar.

If one faces any damage after the fall, then the slip and fall case happens, and you have to appoint yourself a slip and fall lawyer.

10 Unknown Things About Slip and Fall Lawyer and Cases  

A Large Number! 

What a lot of fall victims are unaware of is the fact that these slip and fall accidents happen way too often than you think. Every week hundreds of cases appear to the court where the people want to sue the property owner for some slip and fall accident. However, not all of them are genuine slip and fall accidents and claims. That is why it is essential for you to take evidence and follow the proper procedure after the falling accident.

Not an Easy Fight 

If you fail to report and put your case in the proper manner, then it will be an expensive fight for you. Along with the expenses, you will have to take a lot of time out as well over a fall case. Hence, knowing what to do after a fall accident is vital. This is why the slip and fall lawyers can take your case and actually save you time and money. However, hiring a slip and fall lawyer won’t be very affordable too. The slip and fall lawyer might be expensive, but they can surely help you win the case.

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Aftermath and Damage 

The case slip and fall case may not seem serious to some people, but that’s not the case. A lot of people suffer serious and long-lasting injuries due to slip and fall accidents. From the broken bone injuries to the internal damage, the fall can do a lot of harm. That is why a right slip and fall lawyer can help you win justice. Along with the pain and suffering, the medical expenses can also take a toll on you. The whole point of filing a slip and fall case is to get justice and help from the court.

Age Factor 
slip and fall lawyer

The common cause for a slip and fall is majorly the wet floor. The slip and fall lawyer that you will appoint will surely ask you for details and evidence. This is also the reason that a lot of old and elderly people fall on the contrary to the young or healthy people with better balance. As the victims are usually elderly, their damage is more serious as well.

Health Risk 

With the different age groups falling and slipping every day, the damage is different as well. The elderly may get more severe damage as compared to the young people. However, that is not the case every time, and sometimes the young one may get critical damage too. With the right slip and fall lawyer, you can definitely win a genuine chance. The incident can happen in the mall, shopping complex, small business or even on the street.

Beyond Bones 
slip and fall lawyer

Not every injury that is caused by a slip and fall accident results in a fracture. In some extreme cases, the head injury makes it even worse. A lot of people have suffered heavy brain damage due to slip and fall accidents. The slip and fall lawyer needs to know every bit of your injury in order to fight your case better.

Back and Lower Back Fracture 

One of the most common jury that people face due to the fall accident is the lower back fracture. This lower backbone fracture is a terrible pain that one has to endure. Moreover, besides the pain, it can really ruin your life with the long-term damages that it can do. It can really affect body movements and can make you bed-ridden for a very long time.

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Expensive Falls 
slip and fall lawyer

The cost the one has to incur after the falling accident can take a toll on anyone. The hospital dues and the loss from the off days at jobs make it extremely tough for the victim. By hiring a slip and fall lawyer, one may get justice and compensation according to the damage caused.

Even Jobs Suffer 

Obviously, when the slip and fall incident takes place, and one gets hurt, then obviously, the job of the victim will suffer as well. That is why it is crucial for one to understand the long-term losses that slip and fall cases can cause. From the physical, financial to the mental damage, the slip and fall can do a lot of harm to anyone. A right slip and fall lawyer in the right frame of time really help you out of this.

Awareness Issues

Since a lot of slip and fall victims are not aware of the damage that can be saved by the slip and fall lawyers, they don’t opt for them. There are various reasons for this lack of lawyer hiring. One of the major ones being that people don’t know how to hire a slip and fall lawyer. Another factor to this is that they don’t know when to hire a slip and fall lawyer. Most of the slip and fall victims think that a lawyer will only increase their stress but that not the case but it is just the opposite of that. The well-read and experienced lawyers can help you to get the utmost amount of justice in any slip and fall accidents.

Few Things to Keep in Mind


If you are willing and want to hire a slip and fall lawyer, then you need to keep these little notes in mind before doing so.

Time of Hiring

The time frame in which you hire your slip and fall lawyer can really make a huge difference to the case. The recorded tapes (if any) to the damage of the body will remain as fresh proofs in court.


Another vital note to keep in mind before making a call to your fall lawyer is the evidence. Try to gather and collect as much evidence as you can from the exact spot that it happened.


The hospitals’ bills are also a crucial part of the case, so keep your slip and fall lawyers in the loop with them. The bills can become a massive trouble for you if your treatment lasts for a long time. Make sure to keep calm and wait for your slip and fall lawyers to do their job.

Don’t Talk About the Case.

A lot of times, when the case is going on, the opposite part will want your word on it. They do it so that they can get a statement on your slip and fall case and use it against you. Just keep it low until the verdict on your slip and fall case is out and let your Slip and Fall lawyer do their job.

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