fish with human teeth

Fish With Human Teeth & Other Odd and Scary Fishes

About The Fish With Human Teeth 

Well, there are a lot of bizarre fishes that can be found around us, and one of them is a fish with human teeth. However, it is not precisely a spare piece of human teeth fitted in the fish’s mouth, but it looks exactly the same. This feature and looks has raised a lot of eyebrows and frightened a lot of people.

The human teeth fish is called the Sheepshead. This another crazy wonder that aquatic life has to offer to us. However, they do not grow too large or have a massive body. The Sheepshead is somewhat a medium-ranged fish. The reason behind it having such a human-like dental shape is due to the food it hunts and the environment it lives in.

Fun Facts About the Human Teeth Fishes 


Well, the fish with human-like teeth can’t be found in most parts of the world. If you think that you can find one Sheepshead in one of your nearby ponds, then sadly, it won’t be possible. It is only found in some parts of America and the Atlantic borderline.

A Sheepshead on Your Plate?

Yes, besides the remarkable similarity of our teeth, another thing that can be done with this crazy looking fish is that you can eat it as well! However, the cooking procedure of Sheepshead is not so easy, but for the people who can make it, the dish comes out delicious. Due to the scarce finding of the fish, not many people have this on the dinner table very often.

Other Weird Fishes That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

The Stone Fish

Just as the name suggests, this fish looks just like a stone lying in the waterbed. This works as an excellent camo for the stonefish, and it helps it to hunt them down their prey. Also, the stonefish has a certain amount of poison in them as well. If posed as a threat, it can attack humans too and the poisoning can be deadly.

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The Blobfish

Bet this is one of the most funny-looking fish that you can find. It looks like a squishy and harmless creature living in the sea. A lot of people find this slimy fish to be one of the ugliest fish in the world as well.


Just as the fish with human teeth, this fish has managed to grab our attention by having small hand-like fins. These little handlike fins help them swim in the ocean’s deep waters and, moreover, help them move the sand in the seabed.

The Goblin Shark

Well, there are several varieties in the shark family that you might be aware of. However, this is one of the most peculiar sharks that you can spot. They have a disfigured face that gives them the name goblin share. They have a long snout, and underneath it, they have their sharp set of teeth. Furthermore, even though the shark looks like it will instantly attack you, this one will might not, as they don’t have a very fierce temperament towards humans.

Toothpick Fish 

This is another bizarre fish that is famous for its shape. In this fish’s case, it is the long and thin shape that sets this fish apart from everyone else. Moreover, this toothpick fish’s tiny size and shape can help it become a parasite to almost any living creature that it can find down there.


This is one of the most famous odd-looking fish that we have on this list. You might have seen this pufferfish in an animated flick or a nature’s documentary. Initially, the pufferfish looks like a regular cute fish floating by. However, this is not the case. When this pufferfish feels threatened, it will immutably puff itself up and be covered in thousands of thorn-like stings around it.

Clownfrog Fish

This odd-looking clown frogfish has mastered the art of merging itself in the corals. This gives clown frogfish a vast upper hand as it keeps the preys away. Also, it helps it to hunt all the small fishes that it can eat in the depths of the ocean.

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fish with human teeth

This is another odd fish in our list that has made it to the mainstream quickly. The strange dangling antenna has spooked a lot of people. Moreover, the dangling antenna above its head also glows in the dark ocean, which lures all the preys around it.

Leafy Seadragon

This oceanic creature looks like something straight out of a nightmare. The leaflike skin attached to the seadragon helps him to roam in the surrounding without getting noticed. The leafy seadragon is pretty harmless to humans.


When we have already talked about the fish with human teeth, it will be only fair to mention the triggerfish. This also has a similar set of teeth that one can find pretty disturbing. It has poking and large teeth out of its short fish mouth. The solid and robust teeth of the triggerfish help it to attack and bite through its preys.

Telescope Goldfish
fish with human teeth

This is more of a funny-looking fish than frightening. This is a kind of goldfish that has extensive and budging eyes. Also, the great thing about the telescope goldfish is that you can even keep one as a pet! Once you plan to own one of the telescope goldfish, you have to be a bit extra cautious as they tend to get infections in their eyes quickly.

Vampire Fangs

It will be unfair to leave this fish out after talking about Sheepshead. The name justifies the fish and its look quite aptly. The vampire fangs have some vast teeth, which come along with a sharp and quick snapping bite. Vampire Fangs is a natural hunter that is on the hunting job almost all the time. It can instantly kill and destroy the prey within just a few seconds.

fish with human teeth

This one is more of an honourable mention in the list of bizarre and odd fishes that you can find in the water bodies, rivers and oceans across the globe. Piranha one is of the most infamous fishes in the whole wide world. These deadly creatures are mainly known for their sharp and fatal bite that can chew through almost everything. Moreover, they are natural-born hunters, so even the humans are not safe around them. Along with their sharp teeth and immense strength to bite, the Piranha are extremely quick as well.

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