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Which are the worst and the best buy of players?

In this article, we are going about the best, and worst buy made by teams of their players in 2021. Also, we are going to discuss what is IPL and every year, are teams chosen in the same way.

What is the IPL and selection process of players?

IPL is also known as the Indian Premier League, is one of the best and most anticipated sports matches in India to be discussed by IPL 2021 news. This is because almost every state has its team, and players come from every country to play. This is not like the international team with all Indian players. IPL has international players also.

The auction process is also different, and the team has to rely on speed and also smartness. This is a lot helpful in the auction as you can trick others into taking the wrong players. The team also has to look at the player’s performance in the last season before taking them. Also, if a new player comes, you will have to see their highest and their lowest record.

The record checking trick can help the team to be firm on their decision and choose their players wisely. In the selection of players, the ranks and score are also seen the amount of money is also set. New players usually do not have that much money set for them, while famous take a lot of money. There are 292 players in IPL, out of which 164 Indian, 125 foreign, and three associate nations with 61 slots.

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Which are the best and worst buy of 2021?

Below mentioned is the list of all the teams who have made the best and worst buy for the IPL 2021 team.

Royal Challenger Bangalore

The best buy which they made this season was Glen Maxwell which is their main player. Maxwell was sold to RCB for 14.25 crore, also known as the highest bidding player in the auction. RCB’s dependence on Virat Kohli and AB De Villers has reduced, and they decided to take other players. The worst buy which they made this season is Kyle Jamieson, as they spent 15 crores on him.

Kolkata Knight Riders

Shakib al Hasan is a player that used to play for KKR 8 years back, but due to injury, he had to leave IPL. Now that he is back, Shah Rukh Khan decided to take him back for 3.2 crores and gave KKR a winning chance. The worst buy which KKR made is Harbajan Singh. He is a good player, but people are starting to predict him more.

Chennai Super kings

The best buy which CSK did was Moeen Ali, and they bought him for seven crores. Moeen Ali is a good spinner, and also, he is an all-rounder, which is beneficial for the team itself. The worst buy which they did is Krishnappa Gowtham, who was bought for 9.25 crore.

Mumbai Indians

The best buy which they made this season was Nathan Coulter Nile, who is a good player and bought him for five crores. The worst buy which MI made this year was Arjun Tendulkar, who is the son of Sachin Tendulkar.

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